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Professional skills training designed for the modern employee

Build stronger communicators, strategic thinkers, and higher functioning teams across the organization with soft skills content focused on the business savvy skills that every employee needs.


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Why invest in professional skills training?


An organization is only as good as its people. Your people are what drive strategy, sell products, innovate, support customers, and make decisions. As technology and automation increasingly make their way into today’s workplace, human skills become all the more important. Knowing how to work well in teams, effectively manage time and projects, think critically and creatively, and be agile in times of change, are the professional skills that will make or break teams and organizations.

So, what can companies do to nurture these more ‘human’ professional skills needed across the organization?


With Cornerstone’s Content Anytime Professional Skills subscription, teach employees how to communicate effectively—both internally and with customers—work well in teams, stay productive, and manage their own career development. Unlike traditional soft-skills training which tends to be dry and quickly outdated, Content Anytime provides an immersive, consumer-grade learning experience with topics that are nuanced, human-centered, and constantly refreshed. The subscription includes 670 hand-curated courses across 11 top content vendors, including exclusive Grovo and TED Talk content, helping organizations boost employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

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