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Building a skills strategy with performance management

Skills are the new currency of talent for the future of work. There is a growing urgency for people and organizations to better understand the skills they have today, the skills they need tomorrow, and how to focus on building critical new skills for the future. One of the most effective ways to enable upskilling, new skilling, and reskilling initiatives between managers and employees is through continuous performance management conversations.

Watch the on-demand webinar sessions to hear expert advice on building a skills strategy and why tying your skills strategy to your performance process is important.

Part-1: Kick-starting a skills strategy with your performance process

This session shares how continuous performance management is an effective way to encourage employees’ skill development and explores easy ways your organization can start collecting and understanding skills data through your existing performance process.

Part-2: How Cornerstone (CSX) Performance supports your skills strategy

This session puts theory into practice and highlights critical product features inside Cornerstone (CSX) Performance that support your organizational skills strategy and employee development.

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2023 Talent Mobility Study


2023 Talent Mobility Study

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