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See how a multinational conglomerate embarked on an L&D transformation journey, in partnership with EdCast by Cornerstone

Founded in the 19th century, the client (a multinational conglomerate) currently brings in a revenue of $100 billion. Their employee head count is close to four million. They are a diversified Group comprising a broad portfolio of market-leading businesses across various sectors including:

  • Automobile
  • Real estate
  • Retail and restaurants
  • Health and beauty
  • Hotels
  • Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Financial services
  • Mining
  • Agribusiness

The problems to solve

The client historically had a limited focus on and investment in its learning programs, not sufficient to create an impact for a large conglomerate of its size.

Learning opportunities were available to a “select few,” namely graduate trainees and select executives. Their spending on L&D at Group-level was significantly less than global industry benchmarks.

They sought to develop a new learning strategy to address key L&D challenges like:

  • Lack of scale and visibility for Group-led L&D programs
  • Lack of clear direction for, governance of, and linkages to L&D interventions for overall business priorities and talent development strategy
  • Old-fashioned program design and delivery with limited internal design capability
  • The global Covid-19 pandemic further amplified the need to upskill and reskill employees for the ever-evolving world of work

Laying out the learning strategy

The Group L&D team’s goal was to define and implement a contemporary and progressive strategy suitable for a large, diverse workforce. The success of the new strategy was dependent on it being developed and executed in collaboration with the Group’s businesses.

From the outset, the Group L&D team led an in-depth, integrated “root and branch” approach to review all L&D activities across each of the businesses, together with stakeholders from the respective companies. External field research was also conducted to better understand what best-in-class learning programs looked like and what the “best companies” were doing in this space.

With this analysis they defined the underlying learning strategy principles, which became the guideposts for onboarding a modern tech stack:

These led to the development of six core strategy pillars to be implemented:

  • Future-proof leadership pipeline – Redesign flagship leadership approach linked to strategy, desired culture, business leadership DNA and strategic business acumen
  • Development for "important many" – Broader individual and team curriculum based on a clear ‘where to play’ agreement with the business units
  • Always on, everywhere learning – Technology providing a window to the world of learning, enabling lifelong learners, democratizing access and providing learning at the point of need
  • Brilliant communication – New brand, better marketing, new messaging
  • Clear direction – Strengthened governance to manage program relevance, quality and higher levels of investment
  • More capability to build capabilities – Deeper expertise at Group level and in the broader L&D community across the business units

Solution: EdCast by Cornerstone Learning Experience Platform

The client partnered with EdCast by Cornerstone to implement the Learning Experience Platform with an objective to realize the newly set learning strategy within the company. EdCast by Cornerstone LXP helped in building digital learning and content creation capabilities at Group level in the organization. It shifted the learning experience from "selected few" to "important many," anytime, anywhere.

Working with best-in-class vendors was a priority, and programs were designed to be deployed in new and innovative ways with a focus on digital learning. The LXP helped the client to expand its L&D portfolio significantly, enabling the team to drive various L&D programs seamlessly. Examples of the key value delivered include:

Shift from face-to-face to blended and virtual learning

Client's core face-to-face programs were redesigned in partnership with world-class vendors, to be delivered as blended and virtual learning sessions within the LXP.

Learning portfolio expansion

In partnership with the Josh Bersin Academy and Accenture, the client also expanded its capability development focus and created targeted programs in the learning platform, for the HR and finance functions to scale the accessibility of transferable skills across the Group. The learning content portfolio at the client side grew exponentially to cover two main capabilities — leadership and functionality — all delivered within the platform.

Digital transformation

EdCast by Cornerstone digitally transformed L&D for client with focus on bite-sized, distributed and blended approach to learning on its LXP. EdCast by Cornerstone also enabled the client to design its courses over time through the data-driven actionable insights and artificial intelligence-driven content curation capabilities.


EdCast by Cornerstone LXP helped provide deep analytical capabilities to showcase better results and impact of learning programs, which helped in gaining confidence from the top management.


EdCast by Cornerstone LXP emerged as the one-stop-solution for all learning opportunities. It ensured that the learning programs are available and easily accessible. Today at the client side all learning and skilling initiatives begin and end on their LXP. The client has effectively improved the end-to-end learning experience by bringing together everything to do with learning, under one platform.

Impact of EdCast by Cornerstone's LXP

With the help of EdCast by Cornerstone, the client has successfully implemented its new learning strategy to make world-class learning opportunities accessible to all employees, embedding a culture of lifelong learning across the Group. The LXP deployment also helped the client to scale their L&D programs to create an organization-wide visible impact. Some of the achievements include:

Rapid and scalable growth in learner numbers

The L&D team was now able to attract large numbers of participants for its programs, which translated into tangible benefits. Many employees embarked on a lifelong learning journey and started using their learning on the job.

Solid adoption, activation, engagement and satisfaction scores across L&D programs

Employees actively registered in various learning programs of client's learning strategy. Scores were generally high across all L&D programs with overall satisfaction at 94%.

Strong alignment to client's strategic priorities and fulfilment of the learning principle: “Leaders teach leaders”

To facilitate alignment, client's top management were appointed as executive sponsors of their flagship leadership programs. CEOs and functional heads from Group businesses provided insights via seminars and at other programs delivered virtually.

Increased awareness of client's learning academy branding

The learning academy recorded 65% growth in the number of program participants — a testimony to its efforts to seek attention from all Group businesses for learning academy's highly coveted programs (e.g., Mind Gym and the Digital & Innovation Academy).

Close alignment between HR people agenda and business strategy

The Group chief talent and learning officer regularly updated client's top management on new learning strategy status. This attention among the senior management team led to the creation of additional programs to address specific business needs. For example, an “Entrepreneurship Essentials” course was created as part of the Digital & Innovation Academy within the platform.

Some of the critical KPIs defining the success of the LXP deployment include:

  • 179% ROI on personal excellence
  • 94% overall satisfaction score
  • 94% repeat monthly active users
  • 83% content completion rate

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The importance of enabling talent mobility for organizations and their people

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