The Ultimate Corporate Dream Team

Thorsten Rusch

Director Solution Consulting DACH, Nordics & Eastern Europe

Join Jim Kleijnen and Thorsten Rusch as they launch an exciting campaign leading up to the European Championship. They'll assemble the ultimate corporate team in Cornerstone by mapping key skills and showcasing how AI can enhance them. Think football but with corporate roles like sales managers and HR directors instead of strikers and defenders. Stay tuned for our first player reveal – the goalkeeper – the backbone of any great team. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation. Let’s make this championship season one for the history books!

Meet our Goalkeeper!

Jim and Thorsten unveil the cornerstone of the Corporate Dream Team: the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Much like a goalkeeper in football, the CFO ensures financial stability, making critical saves with expertise in forecasting, strategic budgeting, and risk management. With Cornerstone AI as the coach, our CFOs receive data-driven training and insights, making them as agile and strategic as the best goalkeepers in the league. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation.

Meet our Center Back!

Jim and Thorsten introduce the latest star player of our Corporate Dream Team: the Human Resources Director. Much like a center back in football, the HR Director manages the workforce, ensures compliance, and sets the tempo for success. They master leadership, conflict management, and company culture, holding the team together with empathy and communication. With Cornerstone AI, HR Directors receive advanced training and strategic HR planning, keeping their skills at a championship level. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation.

Meet our Full Backs!

Join Jim and Thorsten as they reveal the dynamic duo of their Corporate Dream Team - the Full Backs – the IT Support and Operations Manager. These fullbacks ensure seamless, secure workflows with technological mastery and operational efficiency. Cornerstone AI empowers them to transform IT challenges into victories with custom training playbooks, cyber defense tactics, and tech innovation strategies. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation.

Meet our Winger!

Join Jim and Thorsten as they spotlight another key player in our corporate dream team. Today, meet the "Winger" – your Marketing Manager who breaks through market barriers with unmatched creativity and strategic prowess. Discover how Cornerstone AI elevates these skills to elite levels, ensuring your team drives your brand to new heights. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation.

Meet our MidFielder!

Join Jim and Thorsten as they unveil the second-to-last player of the Corporate Dream Team in our series: the Midfielder. The Project Manager, also known as our midfielder, is the dynamo that keeps our team moving forward. The project manager excels in strategic foresight, deadline mastery and resource orchestration. Learn how Cornerstone AI sharpens these critical skills with targeted training modules, transforming your Project Managers into superstars. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube and join the conversation.

Meet our Striker!

Today, Jim and Thorsten are spotlighting the final reveal: the star player of the team. We've saved the best for the last! Introducing our Striker - The Sales Manager, the driving force behind our success and every deal. This role is crucial in navigating the competitive market, armed with aggressiveness, a target-driven mindset and unmatched persuasive powers. Watch our video to meet the Sales Manager and engage with us on LinkedIn.

⚽ Ready to make your own Corporate Dream Team?

As we wrap up our campaign, it's clear that building the ultimate corporate dream team is as strategic and exhilarating as assembling a winning football squad. Jim and Thorsten have expertly showcased how each role—much like football positions—plays a crucial part in the success of the team. From our steadfast Goalkeeper (CFO) ensuring financial stability, to our dynamic Striker (Sales Manager) driving success, Cornerstone AI equips each player with the skills to excel. The parallels between the football field and the corporate arena illustrate the importance of teamwork, strategy, and continuous improvement.

Watch our entire series just as you watched the football matches in the Euro 2024 and assemble your own corporate teams to drive your organization to success.

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