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It’s Time to Reimagine Work: The New World of Recruiting

Reyhan Jhaver

Head of Product, Rallyteam

Business is global, there are as many as four generations in the workplace, consumer technologies are flooding the enterprise, and your employees (and the candidates for your open requisitions) have new demands and expectations about the very nature of work itself. The future of work may be here, but the enterprise has some catching up to do.

A big part of this catch-up is changing the way that recruiting and applicant tracking is handled. Today’s market for talent is a fluid one with workers being asked to update their skills more often than ever. And recruiting is no longer a static or periodic event -- 74% of workers are either actively searching for a new job or open to new opportunities.[1]

We think it’s time that organizations reimagine the way they source and recruit new talent. This starts with understanding the value of social networks, referrals, and internal sourcing. It’s been reported that, 81% of workers use social and professional online networks for research purposes prior to applying for a job (more than those who refer to a company’s Web site for information).[1]

The goal should be using technology to forge deeper relationships with the right candidates and build lasting value for employee and employer alike.

Moving Beyond Just Filling Jobs with the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud

With our latest release (arriving June 21), the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud truly comes of age. A slew of new features puts the Recruiting Cloud at the forefront of 21st-century recruiting technology and signals a further move away from the legacy ATS technology of a previous generation.

Developed with both recruiters and candidates (internal and external) in mind, the Recruiting Cloud is designed to be natively social and unified with the rest of the Cornerstone Integrated Talent Management suite - driving both external referrals and internal mobility while cutting the time to fill, as well as increasing quality of, new hires.

With the new enhancements in our Spring 2013 release, the Recruiting Cloud will deliver the very best applicant tracking requirements in tandem with exactly what you need when it comes to tracking social sourcing and employee referrals. Some highlights:

  • Interview Management. Effectively schedule, manage and track every element of the candidate interview process within the Cornerstone system. Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and other organizational calendars make it easier to confirm days and times on people’s schedules, as well as provide interview prep materials.

  • Embedded Video Interviewing, powered by HireVue. Video interviewing capabilities from HireVue are seamlessly integrated with the Recruiting Cloud, enabling talent teams to connect with candidates sooner, no matter where they are, and provide more immediate feedback to hiring managers.

  • Mobile Recruiting. Cornerstone Mobile makes it more convenient for recruiters and hiring managers on the move to stay in the talent loop from any mobile device. Users can review resumes, collaborate on applicants, check the status of candidate pipelines and review organizational requisition dashboards from any smartphone or tablet.

  • Cost Tracking. Recruiters are now able to analyze and manage hiring costs associated with job placements and agency fees. Identify the best cost-per-hire based on source.

  • Background Checks, powered by HireRight. Kick off onboarding activities sooner via a direct integration with HireRight. All candidate information is quickly and easily populated into background check forms.

This is the fourth release we’ve had for the Recruiting Cloud since it was launched just a year ago, and in that time we’ve made significant strides in building it into a world-class solution for talent acquisition, on par with – and in specific ways, more advanced than – the so-called leading legacy systems. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing even more product advancements that we think will further set us apart as the recruiting system for the new workforce.

The Resume is Dead, Long Live the Resume

We encourage our clients to deploy the Recruiting Cloud in tandem with the innovative new features we’re releasing around Universal Profiles. Emphasis has moved away from paper resumes and toward social profiles that are more performance-based and skills-oriented.

The modern universal profile paints a more accurate picture of how the employee or candidate can actually contribute and how they can complement corporate culture, when compared to the more traditional (and more one-dimensional) resume of yore.

[1] (Career Builder, "Candidate Behavior Study: The Myth of the Passive Job Seeker" 2012

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