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Cementing a legacy of talent with Simpson Strong-Tie and Educe Group

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At the forefront of structural systems research and technology, Simpson Strong-Tie proudly stands among the globe's premier suppliers of building products. Their relentless pursuit of excellence extends beyond a dedication to safety and innovative products to encompass top-tier services such as engineering and field support, rigorous product testing and comprehensive training programs.

At the heart of their journey lies a commitment to excellence that transcends the ordinary. From the drawing board to the construction site, Simpson Strong-Tie doesn't just deliver products — they craft solutions. Their dedication to quality shines through in every aspect, from their meticulous engineering to their hands-on field support, resonating with anyone who values safety and reliability in their work.

But every journey has its challenges, and for Simpson Strong-Tie, that’s where Cornerstone and the Educe Group (Educe) stepped in. Together with Cornerstone’s robust talent management platform and Educe’s expert implementation services, Simpson Strong-Tie built a talent management foundation that equipped its employees to tackle any obstacle that came their way. It wasn't just about improving processes — it was about empowering people. And that's what sets this story apart — the people.

  • Main Challenge: Lack of a unified talent management platform for employee development and engagement.

  • Solution: Cornerstone's integrated learning and performance platform, implemented by Educe Group.

  • Results: Achieved nearly 100% completion in performance reviews, indicating a significant improvement in employee engagement and talent management efficiency.

Laying the groundwork with the pillars of a mission-driven strategy

Meet Jessica Murillo, the guiding force behind Simpson Strong-Tie's talent transformation. As the Cornerstone Software Product Lead, she's not just shaping the company's future - she's sculpting a culture of growth and support. With a keen eye for innovation and a heart dedicated to people, Jessica ensures that Simpson's commitment to safety extends beyond the structures they build to the very core of their workplace. Her role is instrumental in leveraging technology to enhance the learning and development landscape at Simpson Strong-Tie, particularly focused on integrating the Cornerstone platform to streamline talent management processes. "Simpson has a great culture... They really care about their people," Murillo emphasizes, her passion radiating through her words. This shared ethos led her to champion the adoption of Cornerstone's Learning Management System (LMS).

On the flip side of this dynamic partnership stands Josh Silva and the Educe team, armed with a toolbox of client-centric solutions and a passion for relationship building. For Educe, it's not about transactions — it's about building lasting connections with their clients. "My favorite part of my role is developing really deep relationships with clients like Simpson," Josh confides, his dedication evident in every interaction.

Together, Simpson and Educe unite in their mission to elevate the Company’s talent strategy. Their collaboration isn't about ticking boxes – it's about crafting bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges Simpson faces. It's about fostering a culture where every employee has the opportunity to thrive and grow. Through their tireless efforts, Simpson Strong-Tie's legacy of innovation isn't just preserved - it's amplified, resonating through every corner of the organization.

Their work is more than numbers and figures. It's about people – the heart and soul of Simpson Strong-Tie.

Identifying the need for unified talent infrastructure

Simpson Strong-Tie faced a pivotal moment when the disconnected nature of their talent management systems became a barrier to employee development and engagement. Murillo shed light on the core issue, stating, "Our main challenge was that we did not have a singular talent management platform that our employees could turn to upskill themselves." This fragmentation hindered employees' ability to access critical development tools, particularly during key moments such as performance evaluations, underlining a significant gap in their talent management strategy.

The reliance on separate, non-integrated software for learning and performance management compounded these challenges. Murillo elaborated on the issue, "These systems were not integrated. They didn't communicate with one another, which made it especially challenging for our employees." This lack of integration not only made it difficult for employees to engage with development opportunities but also limited the HR department's capability to facilitate and track employee progress effectively.

In response to these challenges, Simpson Strong-Tie sought a comprehensive solution to unify its talent management efforts. The aim was to establish an integrated, user-friendly learning environment that empowered employees to take control of their own development. They knew Cornerstone was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Crafting the blueprint of a unified solution for talent management

The partnership between Simpson Strong-Tie, Cornerstone, and Educe marked a significant leap forward in transforming talent management for the construction industry leader. The ability of Cornerstone's platform to provide an integrated, scalable solution was a key factor in Simpson Strong-Tie's decision-making process. Murillo emphasized the seamless experience offered by Cornerstone, stating, "Prior to Cornerstone, we had two different software vendors for learning and performance... these systems were not integrated." The transition to Cornerstone's unified system represented a pivotal shift towards a more cohesive and effective talent management strategy.

The user-friendly nature of Cornerstone's LMS was crucial in ensuring its swift adoption across Simpson Strong-Tie. Murillo highlighted the intuitive interface, noting how it facilitated a smoother integration into their existing workflows. "It's so simple to create a custom report through Reporting 2.0," Murillo added, appreciating the platform's ability to provide tailored insights that support data-driven decision-making and enhance the employee learning experience.

The strategic alliance with Cornerstone and Educe equipped Simpson Strong-Tie with the advanced tools and technologies necessary to manage a diverse and evolving workforce. Silva reflected on the broader impact of this partnership, stating, "Working with Cornerstone ensures that an organization is going to have a modern, best-in-class learning platform." This collaboration addressed the immediate challenges faced by Simpson Strong-Tie and set a foundation to ensure that their workforce remains skilled and competitive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Solidifying a talent strategy foundation by erecting a framework

Implementing Cornerstone at Simpson Strong-Tie was a meticulously orchestrated process, marked by close collaboration between Simpson Strong-Tie, Cornerstone and Educe. This partnership was crucial in tailoring the platform to meet the unique needs of Simpson Strong-Tie's workforce and operational dynamics. Educe played a pivotal role, emphasizing the importance of a customized approach.

The transition to an integrated platform was not merely a technical upgrade but a transformative shift towards a more holistic and engaging talent management strategy. Murillo reflected on the positive changes brought about by the new system, stating, "In addition to learning, we're also seeing a boost on the performance side." This improvement was a testament to the seamless integration of learning and performance management functionalities within Cornerstone's platform, enabling Simpson Strong-Tie to achieve nearly 100% completion rates in performance reviews, an incredible milestone for the company.

A specific initiative that stood out during the implementation phase was the development of a comprehensive competency framework created by Simpson Strong-Tie and Educe, which was tailored to various job roles within the Company. "We were able to work with Simpson to develop job-specific or job-level specific competency models... there's a lot of resources that we packed into Cornerstone" shared Silva. This framework served as a guidepost for creating personalized development paths and ensuring that the learning content was directly aligned with the company's strategic goals and industry standards.

Silva's remark, "The framework was really important because it wasn't just 28 or 30 competencies," underscores the complexity and customization involved in this project and highlights the collaborative effort to build a system that addresses current needs and is scalable for future requirements. Educe’s meticulous approach to implementing Cornerstone's platform has significantly enhanced Simpson Strong-Tie's talent management capabilities, setting a new standard for employee development and engagement excellence.

Celebrating milestones in talent transformation

The deployment of Cornerstone at Simpson Strong-Tie has significantly impacted the company's talent management strategy. It has revolutionized how Simpson Strong-Tie approaches employee development, from streamlining training processes to facilitating seamless adoption of new competencies, ensuring a high success rate in role transitions and skill advancements.

The initial phase of this transformation involved an in-depth analysis of Simpson Strong-Tie's unique training needs, considering the diverse skill sets required across various departments and job levels. Murillo played an instrumental role in this process, working with Educe to tailor the LMS to meet these multifaceted requirements.

The collaboration between Simpson Strong-Tie, Cornerstone, and Educe has streamlined training, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and agility crucial in the dynamic construction industry.

Engineering the future

The adoption of Cornerstone by Simpson Strong-Tie has been a key milestone in the company's strategy to harness global talent and foster a culture of continuous learning. With its multilingual capabilities and AI-driven efficiency, the platform has enabled Simpson Strong-Tie to deliver consistent training and development resources worldwide.

This global approach to talent management underscores Simpson Strong-Tie's commitment to maintaining high standards of excellence and inclusivity in employee development. Murillo reflects on this expansive reach, stating, "With Cornerstone, we've been able to bring together diverse learning resources, making it simpler for our team to access and engage with content tailored to their needs."

In this effort to transform how talent is nurtured company-wide, it's worth noting that the journey wasn't a solo venture. Educe played a pivotal role in this transformation, acting as the catalyst that facilitated the integration of Cornerstone into Simpson Strong-Tie's ecosystem. Silva highlights the journey's collaborative nature: "We developed a game plan, a roadmap... where we're using Cornerstone to provide Simpson’s employees with a system that they can use to upskill themselves." This statement underlines the synergy between Cornerstone's innovative platform and Educe’s strategic implementation expertise, driving Simpson Strong-Tie's talent development agenda forward.

This success story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in global talent management. It highlights how investing in a state-of-the-art platform like Cornerstone can propel an organization to new heights of innovation and competitiveness, ensuring a skilled, dynamic workforce is ready to meet the challenges of the global market.

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