Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)

We’re creating an inclusive culture where people from diverse backgrounds share bold ideas, feel valued for their contributions, and realize their full potential.

See how Cornerstars become their best selves in and outside of work

We’re always learning and having conversations – especially on diversity topics – so we can grow into better people and coworkers. Come join the conversation!

Cornerstars learn from each other

Every quarter Cornerstone designates a full day for Cornerstars to develop themselves. We call it “Development Day.” The sessions are taught by Cornerstars, and the topics can be anything. We’ve done everything – from “how to make kombucha” to “understanding blockchain!”

Cornerstars give back

Cornerstars give back

Cornerstars are encouraged to experiment and create new ways to give back to the community, blending passion and work. Some of the most innovative programs include Cornerstone Cares, Disasterready.org, Non-profitready.org, and Workforceready.org.

Cornerstars achieve together

Cornerstars achieve together

We enable any Cornerstar to create a Cornerstar Resource Group (CRG). CRGs help identify gaps in our DEIB practices, and partner with the business to create inclusive solutions. They receive an official budget and can affect real change as advocates for DEIB.

Our promise

While our diversity stats show we’ve made significant improvements over the years, and that we are ahead of many of our peers, we know it’s no reason to celebrate. We're not where we should be nor where we want to be. We know we can do better, and we will. True to our mission, we're always learning – and our promise to all Cornerstars is that we'll never stop.


of global hires in 2019 were women.


of US hires in 2019 were underrepresented professionals.


of an increase in women promoted to leadership roles in 2019.

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