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Sapient Insights Group – Voice of the Customer: Architecting an HR and Learning Strategy

Sapient Insights Group recently conducted research on Architecting an HR and Learning Strategy. Sapient found a 17% increase in strategic business outcomes when a company has an HR Systems Strategy versus when they do not.

One of the many reasons an HR and Learning Systems strategy is so important is that people costs are a significant part of an organization’s operating costs – oftentimes 70-80% of the budget. So how you manage those employee resources and enable their work is critical.

Download the report for recommendations on developing your strategy or bringing the existing strategy up to modern standards.

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Supercharging learning across four generations

História de cliente

Supercharging learning across four generations

Havebury Housing is a private, not-for-profit social housing company that owns and manages over 7,000 properties in East England. It also builds, develops, and manages 200 new houses every year. For Havebury, customer experience is everything, and the organisation works with tenants to tackle a wide range of issues – from property maintenance, to financial concerns. Another key piece of the Havebury puzzle is its green agenda, and the company is exploring ways it can become carbon neutral and upgrade existing properties to reflect this.

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