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“Cornerstone's solution has made my life as an HR director much easier.”

Why Cornerstone

For a company steeped in technology, moving from a paper-based system to an online one was a logical step. Yet because YouGov’s resources are limited – their HR department is a small team of seven, all of whom must wear many different hats – the right system would have to be very easy to learn and use. “When we looked for a performance management system, we found many options that were far too complicated,” said Sheikh. “We wanted something intuitive, something that wasn’t too heavy. We found this with Cornerstone’s performance solution.”

Eager to use the performance tool for upcoming reviews, YouGov went through implementation and full training in a mere six weeks. “We wanted to do this quickly,” said Sheikh. “We really wanted to be able to use Cornerstone’s helicopter view functionality at the start of the new year.” 

The Results

Transitioned from administrative to more strategic HR. With Cornerstone, the HR team spends less time shuffling paper and more time on creating HR strategy. “Cornerstone’s performance solution has made my life as an HR director much easier,” said Sheikh. “We can create development plans, plan for succession and really get a deeper understanding of performance data much faster, which leaves us free to focus on strategic HR work.”

Engaged employees with integrated self assessments and 360 feedback. Since implementation, YouGov has seen almost 100 percent usage. Employees appreciate the opportunity to receive more continuous, targeted feedback, as well as the ability to integrate their own assessments into the review process. Managers are pleased by the availability of tools designed to help them improve performance, including the capability to build development plans and track progress. “Across the board, employees and managers are very happy with the system,” said Sheikh. “The performance solution is so easy to use and delivers such comprehensive, accessible data.”

Got better insight into employee performance across the organization. YouGov relies on Cornerstone's "helicopter view" feature - an interactive, nine-box succession ratings grid - to view performance across the whole company. It's now simple to identify star performers - and underperformers - especially as the analytics feature delivers easy-to-read graphics. "It's great to be able to see the big picture," said Sheikh. "The nine-box grid gives us a snapshot of where we are at any one time. And with the organizational chart, we can add and remove people very easily."

Gained access to HR data anytime, anywhere. Because data is available online 24-7, the HR team can perform reviews and run reports from any location. "I can log in at home, at the office and while traveling," said Sheikh. "Information can be accessed from anywhere, which was impossible with our old, paper-based system. This flexibility really gives us the ability to drive better, real-time decision."




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