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The All-New Cornerstone Growth Edition. Modern Performance Management.

Brian Benner

Senior Marketing Manager for SMB

There’s lots of talk about how antiquated and ineffective performance reviews are. Most of that is because the process occurs yearly, amid the scramble to meet a deadline. This is especially true for small and growing businesses which normally do not have much in the way of performance management technology in place. Instead, reviews take place using documents and spreadsheets.

One way for growing businesses to stay competitive is by having a performance management system that provides a simplified approach to reviews, allows you to do them whenever and wherever you want, yet still provides deep insights and analysis into what’s happening with your employees. That time has come.

Mobile-First Performance Management for Growing Businesses

Today, we’ve released the all-new Cornerstone Growth Edition. Tailored to growing businesses with less than 400 employees, Growth Edition simplifies performance reviews and helps you start developing your team and make smarter, more data-oriented decisions.

The mobile-first design provides visual reviews that go beyond just automation. It’s easy to set-up and self-configure – complex and expensive implementations are a thing of the past. Growth Edition provides goal setting with role-based goals and a comprehensive competency library. Not only does it take less than 3 hours for your admin to set up, but Growth Edition also makes it easy for managers to get a complete picture of their team’s strengths and weakness as well as in-product coaching tips customized for each employee.

Companies will also be able to configure Growth Edition to their brand and business processes. Plus, with the new intuitive interface, your employees won’t need any complex guides or HR chasing after them to complete their reviews. Reach higher completion rates and make the performance review process easy and painless with Growth Edition.

This first release of Cornerstone Growth Edition is a major step in modernizing performance management. Follow our journey as we continue to evolve and add robust features and functionality throughout 2016. We’re excited and encourage you to see for yourself by taking a free trial at

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