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Organizations need to continuously grow the capabilities of their people to meet an always-changing landscape. Whether it’s new technologies or pivots in business strategy, organizations can be more effective if they know what skills are available to them, and what gaps they need to fill.

Learn how Cornerstone creates a complete picture of the skills in your organization across people, roles, and learning content to help make strategic decisions and design thoughtful and engaging talent programs, to prepare your people for anything that comes next.

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How a global investment firm transformed employee learning

História de cliente

How a global investment firm transformed employee learning

abrdn is a global investment company that helps clients and customers plan, save and invest for the future. It manages and administers £496 billion in assets on behalf of its clients (as of 30 June 2023) and is structured around three businesses — Investments, Adviser and Personal — focused on the changing needs of its clients.

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