Igniting tomorrow's leaders

Nurturing future leaders via continuous skills development

This podcast with Brianna Foulds, Vice President, People Experience at Cornerstone and SHRM's Mike Frost, outlines how leaders can help to build critical skills early on in employees’ careers, identify “hidden” skills that the best leaders have, discuss how to continuously build leadership skills throughout an employee's career journey and highlight the role AI will play throughout every step.

Developing holistic talent ecosystems at your organization

This podcast with Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Cornerstone and SHRM's Mike Frost, takes a holistic view of the tools and insights needed to effectively measure if your L&D content is landing with your employees and what it means to build a healthy talent ecosystem that takes your workforce to the next level of leadership.

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FPI fulfills its learner's needs with the help of a partner

Customer Story

FPI fulfills its learner's needs with the help of a partner

Federal Prison Industries, a division of the Department of Justice, needed a way to simplify and centralize their learning and development. They wanted to meet their learners where they were and help develop crucial skills needed for growth. Cornerstone Learning made it easy.

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