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Dorel Juvenile elevates employee experiences across Europe with its inaugural learning management system

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Dorel Juvenile is a leading provider in juvenile care to help empower parents and make their everyday lives easier, with a selection of products including car seats and strollers. With 1000 employees working in its offices, factories, and warehouses across Europe, Dorel Juvenile features a portfolio of 12 brands, including Maxi-Cosi and Tiny Love, and has a brand presence spanning over 100 countries. Providing safety and care are at the heart of Dorel Juvenile’s vision; the organisation is passionate about providing innovative and thoughtful solutions that meet the highest possible safety and test ratings and support families’ needs. With Dorel Juvenile being behind some of the world’s most used solutions today, its portfolio of brands – and their products – have won multiple awards across the world.

As a result of its far-reaching presence, Dorel Juvenile needed to consolidate procedures and processes across its European division. One aspect of this was overhauling its HR and learning offerings to better meet its employees’ needs.

Why Cornerstone

Why Cornerstone

Dorel Juvenile’s approach to HR and learning was decentralised across the organisation’s European division, with each country following its own processes. One aspect of this was Dorel Juvenile’s HR system; whilst this had been built to try and meet each country’s needs and processes, it became too large, overly complex, and error prone. Moreover, the system was outdated, and wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, as employees primarily used it as an admin tool. When it came to learning, Dorel Juvenile didn’t possess its own learning management system (LMS), instead following an ad-hoc approach that was also decentralised across the Europe region. Because of this, it was almost impossible to streamline learning and collect accurate data.

Dorel Juvenile recognised that its HR system, and its learning offerings, were adding little value to its European workforce. The organisation decided to consolidate processes across the region, and therefore needed to revamp its current offerings to meet its needs. This included streamlining processes, removing manual errors, improving ease of use, and being able to collect data. The company also wanted to upgrade its admin offerings and introduce an LMS to provide better learning experiences to its employees. With these needs in mind, Dorel Juvenile, with the help of Cornerstone, upgraded its system and introduced an LMS throughout its European division.


Redefining learning experiences:

Dorel Juvenile successfully implemented its new LMS in February 2024, along with an extensive training catalogue provided by Cornerstone. The company now offers learning across a wide range of both technical topics such as AI and analytics, and personal growth topics including proactivity and mindfulness. Each module also offers beginner, intermediate, and expert levels – helping to elevate employees’ learning at every level.

Achieving company-wide buy-in:

Every employee in Dorel Juvenile’s European division can access a variety of modules, and its LMS has been embraced from top to bottom. Over 230 trainings have been requested by employees within just months of the system’s launch, with most employees requesting multiple trainings. Moreover, the organisation’s leaders in Canada have recognised the benefits that the LMS has delivered to its European division.

High-quality and digestible content:

Dorel Juvenile’s European workforce has praised the content offerings and lengths of training modules provided, evidencing the organisation’s commitment to their development. The quality, diversity and length of content has enabled employees to complete their training quickly and easily, thus allowing for faster deployment of skills.

Enhanced ease of use:

With Cornerstone’s help, Dorel Juvenile’s solutions now provide smoother and simpler user experiences with little to no system errors. If a new user needs to access the system, they can do so without requiring any prior training.

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