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FORUM Credit Union fosters employee success with a powerful unified talent management solution

FORUM Credit Union embraces its mission of “helping members live their financial dreams” every day. The Indianapolis-based financial cooperative believes that enriching the lives of its employees is key for staying attentive to member needs, and they looked for a unified talent management solution to do so.


  • FORUM’s performance management and LMS platforms were completely separate.
  • Managing administrative tasks was cumbersome and made difficult by the previous vendor’s poor customer service.
  • Engagement and completion rates were low due to a poor user experience.

Why Cornerstone?

“We needed a system to grow with us over time, to help us plant deeper roots around learning and development,” said Michelle Baker, FORUM Credit Union’s vice president, organizational development. So in 2019, FORUM implemented Cornerstone Performance, Cornerstone Learning, and CyberU to create a powerful unified talent management solution capable of enriching, engaging, and transforming the credit union’s entire workforce.


Increased engagement. “We had a pretty high delinquency rate before making the transition over to Cornerstone because people dreaded going into the old system,” shared Baker. With Cornerstone, on-time compliance training completions grew from 78% to 99% over the course of one year, while on-time performance review completions jumped from 92% to 98% over the same period.

Customized reporting. “Cornerstone’s customized reporting features are truly amazing,” explained Sarah Stiles, FORUM’s organizational development coordinator and dedicated Cornerstone admin. This feature has helped the FORUM Organizational Development team create much more visibility and transparency around employee performance and success with both senior leaders and managers alike.

Simplified task management. “Consolidating performance management and learning into a single platform gave our employees a central place to do practically everything, from registering for events to assigning compliance training to completing performance reviews and beyond,” said Baker. The new single platform has helped boost user adoption among both managers and their teams. Now, FORUM’s team has an easy way to share tips, best practices, new learning content, and essential information to enrich their employees’ daily lives.

Self-directed learning. “We have been able to shift from a culture of compliance to a culture of learning,” cheered Baker. The addition of CyberU — primarily for professional skills and development courses — has made it possible for FORUM to scale its learning opportunities tenfold. Baker continued, “Now, we can provide our employees with a wide variety of blended content, on-thejob training checklists, customized curriculum bundles, and other timely resources that we were never able to offer before.”

Next Steps FORUM is ready to evolve and grow its Cornerstone solutions by:

  • Tightening up the performance check-in cycle with more customized emails f Refreshing the Welcome Page and Learner Home with a brand-new look and feel
  • Automating more reports, including those pertaining to compliance training f Expanding the online onboarding program across all departments
  • Developing a “future leaders” and succession planning program

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