September '13 Product Release
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September '13 Product Release

September ‘13 Product Release

Consumerization of the Enterprise is here.

Today’s access to real-time connectivity, mobile devices, and social networks are making everyone’s lives much easier. With this rise in accessibility, organizations of all sizes are challenged to keep pace with the changing behaviors of employees, customers, and partners driven both by technology and societal trends. For the future, the most productive and successful organizations must adopt these trends and optimize their workforce’s true potential.

Welcome to the Cornerstone September ’13 Product Release—inspired by the ‘Consumerization of the Enterprise’ and the modern workforce movement, Cornerstone delivers the essential tools and technology for every employee to work smarter and much more productive.

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Universal Profile

Innovation Spotlight:
Universal Profile

Beautifully designed, the Universal Profile is every employee’s go-to spot for connecting directly with colleagues, completing tasks and engaging in social feedback. Employees create a rich profile with their own resume, skills, expertise—that’s all searchable across the Cornerstone application.

The Universal Profile connects employees to specific tasks from across the talent management suite – recruiting, learning, performance, collaboration, and more.

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Keep Your Workforce Engaged

Looking at everyday life, it’s clear that everyone is experiencing rapid change driven by technology. The modern workforce is more connected than ever. With access to breaking news on Twitter before it shows up on CNN. Managing their relationships on online networks versus a Rolodex. Seeking answers on Google rather than in a book on a library shelf.

Cornerstone understands this expectation and is ready to partner with you for a strategic change. It’s time to reimagine the way your employees work, every day.

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