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Build Great Engaging Managers

An estimated 75% of voluntary employee turnover is influenced by managers’ behavior. Translation? Employees aren‘t quitting their jobs—they’re quitting their bosses. That’s bad news for organizations planning for innovation, succession, and market longevity. Human capital is an organization’s most valuable resource—and turnover is expensive not just in terms of sourcing, rehiring, and training costs, but also lost productivity. Yet being a good, let alone a great, boss is tough. Managers may have skills, training, education, and experience to create an engaged, motivated workforce. According to Gallup, today’s great managers—those who drive higher levels of engagement and productivity in employees—are “strengths-based, engagement-focused, and performance-oriented.” However, amid the frenzied discussions of the importance of employee engagement, managers aren’t always given the specifics on how to drive that engagement. Organizations concerned about engagement (and every organization should be) must start providing managers with better techniques and tools, the type that allows them to more effectively—and effortlessly—nurture commitment, motivation, and productivity from every employee.

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