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Close Your Eyes and Dream Big! What AI Can Bring to HR

Artificial intelligence (AI) in HR remains a mystery to many of us. The application of AI technology in other scenarios is more straight-forward...

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Empowered Employees: How to Increase Motivation in the New Normal

From the initial phases of transitioning to fully remote work to changes in communications, training and reviews, leaders have needed to make...

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What Performance Management Trends Can Leaders Implement in the New Normal?

The past year has left an indelible mark on the workplace. Employee relationships are changing, goals have to be reset and companies have relied on...

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What Performance Management Trends are You Noticing in the New Normal?

The prevalence of remote work in 2021 and beyond requires leaders to adapt how they work with their people. The question, of course, is how you can...

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Dear ReWorker: What Should My Company's COVID-19 Quarantine Policy Be?

Dear ReWorker,We recently had our first employee test positive for COVID-19. I told her coworkers that they need to quarantine. But our CEO says as...

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Focus on Employee Experience—Not Employee Engagement—In 2021

Modern employee-employer relationships are inherently complicated. Add a distributed workplace and a pandemic to the mix, and managing the modern...