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Enable, train & coach within Salesforce

Reinvent the way you deliver information to staff, partners and customers. Built natively on the platform and Lightning Ready, Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across, and beyond, your organization.

Just-in-time Training for Employees, Customers, and Partners

Reduce your enablement time and effort

Directly from Salesforce, deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales and service teams and partners and customers. Target specific content and courses based on opportunity records.

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Benchmark & Measure Performance

Measure your success and focus on what works

Identify top performers and those in need of training development, all from one comprehensive view of your sales and service organization.

ACCElerate performance

Trigger enablement videos, instructions, and more

Increase user adoption and accelerate productivity by delivering targeted learning without having to leave the Salesforce application.

Cornerstar Stories

"With Cornerstone for Salesforce, we've been able to automate the process, and as a result, onboarding has gone from five days to two."
Robert Garrett
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"Cornerstone has transformed the traditional client-supplier relationship into a real partnership."
Ariel Kestens, Global Head of Learning and Research for the IFRC
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"Cornerstone was cost effective and supportive of our growth path."
Peter Herman, Manager, Sales Operations and Analysis, Zero Motorcycles
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Join over 35 million people who realize their potential using Cornerstone