Small Business Learning Guide for Entrepreneurs with a Disability

Self-employment is a career option that more and more disabled people are taking advantage of all over the country. There are several advantages to self-employment that appeal directly to disabled entrepreneurs. Creating their own schedule, developing their own work conditions, and setting aside the resources necessary to handle their disability are just some of the reasons why disabled people are lured to entrepreneurship. There are many resources available to help disabled entrepreneurs to get their businesses operating and successful. If you are disabled and are wondering if there is a better way for you to develop a satisfying career, then you may want to consider starting your own business.

Business Ideas

The most difficult part of starting a new business for any entrepreneur is determining just what kind of business to start. Disabled entrepreneurs understand their own limitations and realize that there are some businesses that are just not practical for their talents. As a disabled business professional, you need to find business ideas that appeal to your skill set. But it is also important to remember that you can adapt self-employment options to fit your needs. For example, eye movement and voice recognition software has allowed disabled people who are unable to type on a keyboard to be desktop publishers and graphic artists.

Growing Your Business

Growing your business is one of the biggest reasons why you become self-employed in the first place. Disabled entrepreneurs can utilize grant programs as well as other funding programs for the disabled to help fuel their company growth. Disabled veterans and disabled minority business owners can also seek out assistance that will help their business to compete and grow.

Business Plan

A business plan is the primary resource for any business owner. A disabled entrepreneur needs to put some thought and effort into creating a business plan that describes the business to others and acts as a road map to success. Good business plans are broken down into component parts that include principal rum, funding estimates, revenue projections, sales and marketing plans, and company goals. The timeline in a business plan should be something that guides your decision-making and gives you milestones to shoot for. Disabled entrepreneurs who want to find success in the business world will have to plan out their business from the very beginning and follow that plan every step of the way.

Tax Information

When you are running a small business, it helps to know the rules when it comes to filing and paying taxes. A disabled entrepreneur has to pay their taxes just like anyone else, but there are certain tax rules that apply to disabled employees and owners. It is always a good idea to talk to a tax accountant about your tax needs, especially when you will be utilizing special conditions such as disabled employee tax laws. As a disabled business owner, your tendency to hire disabled employees may be higher than other businesses. If this is the case, then keeping updated on the latest laws regarding taxing disabled-owned businesses and disabled employees is important.


If you want to survive in the business world, then you need to understand finance. You need to know how to make payroll when your cash flow is slow, and you need to figure out how to pay your vendors when the cash is just not there. Understanding finance also means making the right decisions when it comes to spending the money your company does have on hand. It also means making the right choices when it comes to acquiring the resources your company needs to conduct business and making those tough personnel decisions when it comes time to hire or lay off employees.

Disability Resources and Information

Self-employment has become a great way for many disabled people to develop satisfying and lucrative careers. Before you decide to tackle the business world as a disabled entrepreneur, you should know that there are resources available that can help you to succeed. Your status as a business with a disabled owner helps you to get access to funding options and business opportunities that may not be offered to other businesses. Take the time to do your research and determine how you can turn your dream of being a disabled entrepreneur into a reality.