Cornerstone for Associations

Drive engagement, improve member retention, and attract new audiences

Provide modern, effective solutions for educating, certifying, and connecting individuals throughout your organization

An organization’s longevity, in addition to its strength, is based on a membership base who is engaged and passionate. However, recruiting and retaining members is hard – ever-changing demographics, reduced resources, and increased competition are to blame. To sustain, it’s important that associations find ways to inspire members, customers, and internal staff – and not just through an occasional newsletter or quarter meeting.

Now, with Cornerstone for Associations, organizations can easily provide relevant content, targeted education, and meaningful experiences to the constituencies they serve —all while increasing revenue.

With Cornerstone for Associations, you can:

  • Attract new audiences by appealing to the new generation of tech-savvy members -  leverage social collaboration, mobile learning, and ‘a la carte’ training for this
  • Minimize the impact on administrative and IT resources - use a scalable, SaaS-based solutions with streamlined administration, self-registration, and certification management features to do so
  • Go beyond membership dues - generate new sources of revenue and monetize a growing demand for additional content, training, and certification
  • Apply insightful reporting and analytics to better understand and identify member behavior and support your organization's strategic mission

Realize Your Mission

Cornerstone partners with associations to help them operate more effectively, expand their organizational reach, grow their audience base, engage their members, and realize their mission.

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192 countries
42+ million subscribers
43 languages
"Our students feel more engaged in the learning programs."
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Cornerstone for Associations

Learn how to drive revenue, increase renewals and attract new members.

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