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“This 'anywhere' access gives our team the flexibility to do their training in real time.”
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Why Cornerstone

Inspiring franchisees and Team Members to prioritize learning meant creating a better user experience and offering mobile capabilities. While Fridays had branded their Cornerstone system as "STRIPES U" early on, the user interface still reflected the old business structure. It didn't communicate the bottom line business benefits of training to new franchisees.

"Our old welcome page was very IT focused," said Paul Rumsey, vice president of global learning and development. "We changed it to make it more user-centric and visually-appealing. Now, career paths are clearly outlined, and franchisees and employees can easily see various paths through the curriculum."

Fridays also made access to training easier by encouraging the use of mobile devices and tablets. Franchisees can quickly see the value in training and how it correlates to increases in Guest satisfaction scores and financial returns. "Cornerstone helps us tie training progress back to franchisees' business outcomes," said Rumsey. 

The Results

Enable mobile learning for a global workforce. Employees across the world can now access learning from mobile devices. "With Cornerstone, Team Members and Managers can participate in self-directed learning on the job, or really anywhere at all," said Rumsey. "This 'anywhere' access gives our team the flexibility to do their training in real time.”

Managers can also observe and review learning and performance progress on the job. "Observation Checklists helps ensure servers are interacting appropriately with Guests. We can see exactly where each Team Member is and what they've accomplished."

Integrated learning with on-the-job tasks. Mobile training encourages employees to complete courses on their own time and integrates learning with day-to-day work, a key factor in increasing skill and retention. "Our Team Members are beginning to use tablets to take orders. Using a touchscreen for point-of-sale and training is more realistic," said Rumsey.

Used training to drive positive business outcomes. Fridays has seen a significant correlation between completed trainings and higher Guest satisfaction scores." We've analyzed the data, and the results are clear: training is impacting the business bottom line by increasing Guest satisfaction and per person average spend per location," said Rumsey. We've also seen a decrease in Guest complaints about service and Managers. These improvements help our Guest experience align with our brand promise: "In Here, It's Always Friday.”

Engaged millennials with collaborative and social learning. Fridays relies on Cornerstone to enhance the social and collaborative aspects of learning. "Millennials are a big focus for us. We want to capitalize on their social energy, and this means building up the social components," said Rumsey. "With Cornerstone Learning and Connect, we can continue to attract millennial talent by offering online modules, interactive videos, social learning, coaching events and mobile apps.”





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