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Security, Scalability & Control

By now, you've probably heard of "the Cloud."  But what exactly is Cloud Computing and why does it matter for talent management?  Software-As-A-Service (or "SaaS") is a delivery model where applications are hosted and managed off premise, meaning instantaneous access from any internet connection, an ease of use not often associated with legacy HR systems.  This is just one of the reasons why SaaS is quickly emerging as the preferred model for technology today and for the future.

Security, Scalability & Control

Buyer Beware: Multi-Tenancy Matters

Pure SaaS is a complete business model; it's more than just a check box on an RFP.  Realizing the true business benefits the Cloud offers means choosing a vendor who can do more than over promise and under deliver.  After all, it's all about delivery.  Multi-tenancy means that while the service shares a single solution behind the scenes, they've been designed and implemented with the frontlines in mind and are highly configurable to meet specific business needs.  In the true multi-tenant SaaS model, no two implementations of a SaaS product look exactly alike even though they're sharing the same centrally hosted system.

When it comes to talent management, there's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all."  Just as important are the ways that true multi-tenant SaaS develops deeper, more meaningful relationships between providers and clients, which is why choosing the right partner is so important for SaaS success.  The fact of the matter is, while there are a lot of vendors saying their 'cloud' solutions can coexist with their on-premise offerings, the truth is that a blended approach misses the point - and the power - of true SaaS solutions.  

Here are some critical questions you'll want to ask when considering a leap into the clouds:

Important Questions
  • Is your entire R&D moving toward the platform I am on?
  • How many different product lines do you support?
  • Will upgrades be instantaneous?
  • Do you have multiple support teams for different products?

The Pure Benefits of Pure SaaS

The SaaS subscription licensing model and versionless nature of the product ensures a continuous focus on customer success, not simply selling software and disappearing until the next upgrade.
SaaS allows for easy configuration, not costly customization. Be sure you ask your vendor how changes are made in the system and how the system can be configured to match your workflows.
SaaS puts complete control in the hands of the client, meaning you don't have to wait on the vendor to make changes or tweak configurations
While they're hosted off-premise, SaaS solutions offer improved security - which is why some of the world's biggest brands trust Cornerstone with their data.
“Versionless software” means that the version you're using is always up to date.  Real time innovations and upgrades eliminate messy implementations and abandoned product lines.
Modern SaaS infrastructures scale rapidly with the vendor, which adds relatively inexpensive storage. The result?  Your organization doesn't have to worry about buying or maintaining hardware or server space.