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Sam Houston State University: Increasing Training Compliance & Performance Completion Rates

Founded in 1879, Sam Houston State University (SHSU) operates seven colleges and one satellite campus. The university has over 20,000 students from 60 countries and has been recognized six years in a row by the Chronicle’s “Great Colleges to Work For” program.

A push from administration for more professional development opportunities brought to light difficulties with SHSU’s existing way of tracking training. “There was professional development training, but nothing was centralized. Training opportunities were ad hoc, offered by different groups around campus,” said Thieme (TJ) Bittick, professional development coordinator at SHSU. “And even though HR wasn’t teaching many of these classes, we were responsible for scheduling classrooms and keeping track of rosters in Excel. We were expending a lot of HR resources to do things that weren’t HR-related.”

Tracking mandatory training was also challenging. “We were still using an old fashioned legacy system to track compliance training,” said Cindy Bradfield, assistant director of human resources at SHSU.

Why Cornerstone

While searching for a solution that would unify learning and performance and eliminate manual work, leadership eventually decided to implement two different talent management solutions. “We rolled out the Learning module of Ellucian Talent Management powered by Cornerstone OnDemand, and at the same time, we were using a competitor’s standalone performance system,” said Cindy Bradfield, assistant director of human resources at SHSU. After two years, administrators knew the competitor’s performance system wasn’t meeting SHSU’s needs. “The performance system delivered poor results,” said Bradfield. “At that point, we had been using Cornerstone Learning for two years, so we knew that by implementing Cornerstone Performance, we would have the same kind of visibility and access to data.”

HR relies on Cornerstone’s Client Services team for ongoing guidance, best practices and support for new ways to use the solution. “We can’t say enough about the Cornerstone Client Services team,” said Bradfield. “We get ideas about new things we want to do, and they help us any way they can. Cornerstone has the respect of the HR department and the administration here.” For day-to-day support with the system, HR relies on the Ellucian Talent Management support center.

The Results

Realized 100 percent compliance with EEO training. Prior to implementing Cornerstone, SHSU’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training had not achieved 100 percent compliance. After implementing the Learning module that changed. “We just had our EEO compliance audit in February 2016, and we achieved 100 percent compliance,” said Bradfield. “That’s directly related to using Cornerstone.”

Increased visibility. Today, 966 attendees have completed one or more instructor led training courses, while 898 users have completed 3,061 Skillsoft courses. “Everybody wants to put their training in Cornerstone. If it’s not in there, they’ll call me and find out why,” said Bittick.

Raised performance appraisal completion rates. By unifying learning and performance into one platform, the team has improved reporting and analytics capabilities. Previously, performance appraisal completion rates were 89-90 percent and now average 96 percent. “We’re seeing a real culture change, because department heads see the value in having a centralized location for all of the data. SHSU has access to so much more employee data.”

Streamlined onboarding without using additional resources. SHSU also uses Cornerstone Learning to onboard new hires. “We didn’t have the budget to support an electronic onboarding system, but Cornerstone is so dynamic it allows you to think outside the box,” said Bradfield. “We saw what it could do, and that led to developing an onboarding process.”

HR now uses Cornerstone to guide new hires through a curriculum that includes access to forms, videos and benefits information. “It’s been a tremendous success,” said Bradfield. “Electronically onboarding staff and faculty has been so efficient, we’d like to do the same with our student employees.”

Reduced paperwork and increased communication around the faculty tenure and promotion process. HR is also using Cornerstone Connect to improve the efficiency of the faculty tenure and promotion process. “Connect facilitates communication between committee members and makes it easier to access files. It also reduces the need for physical storage space, which, with dozens of faculty coming up for review annually, is the driving force behind this change,” said Bradfield.

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Central New Mexico Community College (CNM): Driving continuous improvement with streamlined recruiting and increased learner trust

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Central New Mexico Community College (CNM): Driving continuous improvement with streamlined recruiting and increased learner trust

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is the largest higher education institution in New Mexico for undergraduate enrollment. CNM ranked No. 1 in the nation for the number of associate degrees and certificates earned by Native American students, No. 3 for Hispanic students and No. 6 overall for all students combined. CNM’s previous Applicant Tracking System (ATS) made it difficult to identify, track and hire qualified applicants. “Requisition templates either had outdated information or weren’t aligned with today’s needs,” said Michael Hardiman, human resources consultant for faculty contracts at CNM. “There were several thousand different versions of postings, and no connection between our management and ATS systems. Plus, all updates had to be made manually.” The old system offered zero reporting capabilities. According to Karen Montoya Paisano, director of talent management at CNM, “There was no historical information. Once a posting was submitted and hired, it was gone. The inability to measure the success of our hires posed real limitations from a talent management perspective.” Multiple training platforms made training equally challenging. “We had disparate, uncoordinated activities around training,” said Trish Heaton, talent development officer at CNM. “Users had to log in to multiple LMSs, and the systems didn’t communicate.” Why Cornerstone In 2015, CNM implemented Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management platform as part of the college’s strategic plan. “As a community college, we’re facing decreasing public funding and student enrollment. To survive, we must make our jobs more efficient and our services more customer oriented,” said Feng Hou, CIO and chief digital learning officer at CNM. “Yet we knew HR simply could not accomplish what the college wanted to accomplish with our existing system. We needed technology that would help us function more efficiently and effectively.” Implementing Cornerstone was also a key component in elevating HR’s approach to talent management. “Instead of just recruiting and training, we wanted to encompass the whole talent development cycle from hire to retire,” said Trish Heaton, talent development officer at CNM. “We knew Cornerstone would enable a more holistic approach.” The Results Increased access to meaningful data. Previously, HR had zero access to recruiting metrics. “You can’t make process improvements without data,” said LaMonica Whittaker, director of technology projects at CNM. “With Cornerstone, we can see the data. We know what’s going on historically. And we have insight into what we need to do better.” Enabled real-time communication with candidates. Before Cornerstone, applicants often wouldn’t hear about their status until a position was filled. “Today, we have real-time communication with applicants,” said Heaton. “If someone doesn’t make it past an interview stage, they immediately get an email.” This increased communication has also reduced the time it takes to hire new employees. Ensuring candidates have a positive experience is crucial to CNM’s reputation. “Applicants share that kind of information,” said Karen Montoya Paisano, director of talent management at CNM. “The ability to communicate with them in real time has helped us create a rapport with the community.” Increased learner trust and integrity in the training process. The lack of visibility and reporting capabilities in CNM’s legacy LMSs led to decreased trust by both learners and HR alike. “There was low trust in our previous system. People were afraid they weren’t going to get credit for learning,” said Heaton. “Cornerstone has helped us build high trust and integrity into the learning process. Employees know they are going to get registered, their progress will be tracked, and that their records are in fact in the system.” Streamlined mandatory reporting. As a public institution, CNM must comply with numerous regulatory requirements. “When someone submits a requisition, everything they need to process that posting and hire is in the system,” said Paisano. “They don’t have to look for up-to-date information. It’s all in Cornerstone.” Simplified hiring processes. Since implementing Cornerstone, the new hire workflow has been transformed from a “spaghetti process” requiring dozens of steps to one that requires less than 10. “Cornerstone has significantly improved the efficiency of the hiring process” said Hou.

The New Generation of Educational Video Games

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The New Generation of Educational Video Games

Often associated with violence and cultural degradation, researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Game+Learning+Society think video games deserve a better reputation as teaching tools in classrooms and workplaces. The group is currently designing video games that create engaging ways of learning about biological systems, civic activism, pro-social behavior and many other STEM topics. Perhaps more importantly, they’re building games that people actually want to play. Forget "Oregon Trail" and "Number Munchers." The new generation of educational video games aims to immerse players in situations that can evaluate their learning in real time and rewire their brains. Using innovative game mechanics, data analysis and assessment methods, the goal is to seamlessly teach players without them realizing there’s a lesson involved. Extensive back-end analytics allow researchers at GLS to mine patterns of play and tie them to specific learning outcomes. Could these games replace the need for after-the-fact assessments? U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hopes so. "I would love to see...more reliable, meaningful, and easy-to-administer assessments that help us understand whether we are teaching the noncognitive skills that predict students’ success in college, careers, and life," he said at the American Educational Research Association Conference in May. "This is the next frontier in assessment." What are the workplace applications for video game-based learning? Read more on Human Capitalist. Photo credit: Game+Learning+Society.

3 Key Attributes of Holistic People Experience Design

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3 Key Attributes of Holistic People Experience Design

Your employees crave a work experience that’s uniquely personal, and where growth and development is rapid and continuous. At the same time, your organization needs to be ready to retrain and redeploy talent to remain competitive in rapidly shifting market conditions. The stakes are high. And yet historically, work design has centered on efficiency. The result is rigid structures and workflows that don’t meet employees’ needs or flex with fast-changing conditions. The good news is that effective practices around people experience design can drive significant impact for business, people, and innovation in an organization. In this webinar, Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Future of Work with Forrester Research, and Mike Bollinger, VP, Strategic Initiatives with Cornerstone, share how taking a more human and holistic approach to people experience design connects people with growth opportunities, and business goals with purpose. To help everyone achieve extraordinary outcomes — together.

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