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Deliver a seamless, automated onboarding experience. Properly socialize new hires and set expectations by creating a meaningful experience that sets them up for success.

Simplify your onboarding processes

Cornerstone onboarding software enables workflows you can control to appoint task owners and approvers, assign tasks, and efficiently implement onboarding processes. Take the hassle out of new hire onboarding by automating the entire process.

Reduce time-to-productivity

Structured onboarding programs are known to get new hires up to speed more quickly. Introduce them to your culture and their role. Equip them with the right resources to do their job so they can contribute faster and more effectively.

Engage new hires

Today’s employees want the opportunity to learn and grow within their company. Create a meaningful experience from day one that focuses less on paperwork and more on building relationships, setting expectations, and showing new hires how they can develop career-wise.

Cornerstar Stories

"Before, it took well over a month to find the right candidate. With Cornerstone, it can take as little as a couple of days."
Rocco Lafronza, recruiting manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago
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"With Cornerstone Recruiting, we reduced application time by streamlining the user interface, not by removing steps. "
Tom Heetderks, Vice President of Human Resources, ResCare
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"Our time-to-fill has gone from 120 days to 50-70 days."
James Mills, HR Manager, ZF North America
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"Recruiting allows us to create targeted career sites that address the recruitment needs of local business units."
Morten Holm, HRIS Project Manager
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"Cornerstone Recruiting helps by making sure the candidates are a good match. By improving the hiring process, we are reducing attrition at the outset."
Carolin Knobelspies, VP of Contact Center Operations
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