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Analysts validate Cornerstone as a leader in recruiting, learning, talent and HCM

Jennifer Borun

Senior Director, Analyst Relations and Strategic Engagement

As 2023 comes to a close and I reflect back on all that Cornerstone accomplished this past year, I’m grateful for the meaningful validation analysts have bestowed upon us as they continue to see Cornerstone as a leader in talent and learning. Across Recruiting, Learning, Talent, and HCM, seven different analyst firms have positioned Cornerstone as a leading technology provider.

As organizations recognize the value of providing a superior employee experience, the continued movement toward a consumerization experience in HCM technology products has led to rapid advances amongst software providers. Despite a fiercely competitive landscape of software providers, Cornerstone is continuously recognized as a leading vendor and lauded for enabling a comprehensive skills strategy across our TXP.

With such a close pulse on customer satisfaction and product innovation, analysts have a deep understanding of the learning and talent solution providers. Securing analyst recognition across the product portfolio demonstrates the depth, breadth, and reliability of Cornerstone’s solutions proven to achieve meaningful results for the world’s largest enterprises.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of the most recent analyst accolades validating Cornerstone’s leadership position in the market:

Learning: The Craig Weiss Group, NelsonHall and Ventana Research recognize Cornerstone TXP

Ventana Research

Cornerstone was ranked the overall leading vendor in Ventana Research’s Value Index for Learning Management in 2023, finding Cornerstone to perform nearly 9% higher than the next closest vendor. Additionally, Cornerstone has been designated as a Value Index Leader in all seven categories, the most of all vendors, meaning that it has placed among the top 3 vendors in Ventana’s analysis of product experience, customer experience, adaptability, capability, manageability, reliability, TCO/ROI, usability and validation.

Download the Cornerstone profile from the Ventana Value Index.

The Craig Weiss Group

Just announced this week, The Craig Weiss Group named Cornerstone the #1 Best Learning System for Skills scoring 93% and recognized for its use of AI and GenAI. The Craig Weiss Group also named Cornerstone as the Best Gen AI Learning System for ‘23-24 and positioned Cornerstone within the top 5 in the ranking of the Top Learning System in the World for ‘23-24.

Visit FindAnLMS to read more about Cornerstone’s accolades.


In the NelsonHall NEAT Learning Platforms 2023, Cornerstone was positioned as a Leader and recognized by the analyst firm as providing multifunctional recruitment platforms that include skills as a competitive advantage. NelsonHall shared that skills are where Cornerstone excels due to our development of a complete skills strategy for the Cornerstone TXP offering. They continued by stating that the TXP provides a holistic, all-encompassing next-generation learning platform.

Talent: Nucleus Research positions Cornerstone as a Leader in Talent

Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research analysts positioned Cornerstone as the highest leader in terms of usability in its Talent Management Technology Value Matrix 2023, and also consider Cornerstone to be one of the top experts in the field. They praised Cornerstone TXP as combining best-of-breed functionality for talent, learning, content services, skills ontology, reporting and performance management with seamless integration of AI and skills data within a unified open platform.

They also cited the depth of Cornerstone’s use of AI, mentioning how Cornerstone’s Talent Management offering incorporates AI-powered skills designed to enable organizations to make data-driven decisions while Content Studio uses intuitive, AI-driven content curation, discovery and insights enabling learning and development leaders to easily search for relevant content across all providers.

Our pursuit of excellence

The resounding validation from seven distinguished analyst firms echoes the reliability of our solutions and our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As we embark on the new year ahead in the continuous pursuit of excellence, these accolades serve as a testament to our accomplishments and a guiding light in a future fueled with new heights in the evolving landscape of human capital management technology.

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