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Identify and retain top talent

Build your organization's bench strength with development plans for future successors. In a single view, monitor key employee metrics to recognize high potential employees, position them for leadership success, and prep the entire pipeline to support the shift.

Close talent gaps

Succession planning software allows organizations to prepare for talent divides and needs. Succession Plans benchmark skills, identify skill gaps, then implement development plans to bridge those gaps so you can form a strong bench strength.

Set up a strong talent pipeline

Mitigate talent loss costs and prevent morale drops that come from long vacancies in key positions. Cornerstone’s Succession management tool builds pools of high-performing and high-potential people ready to take on new roles if a vacancy occurs. Formulate multiple succession planning scenarios for any position within the organization, develop high-potential employees, and stay ready for talent mobility.

Boost employee engagement with talent mobility

It's no secret: engaged employees perform better. Empower your workforce activate their own career development with tools to share career preferences, and discover development opportunities. Embrace omnidirectional career progression. Make career advancement opportunities clear with transparent career paths and a career center.

Ensure organizational alignment and business continuity

Measure the skills  of your organization to prepare for growth and maintain your competitive edge. Gain quick visibility into key indicators such as impact of loss, retention risk, and risk of loss – enabling you to address gaps before they occur.

Cornerstar Stories

"Cornerstone helps our staff understand where they are on their professional journey."
Claude Anderson, Manager Talent Systems, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
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"Before, it took well over a month to find the right candidate. With Cornerstone, it can take as little as a couple of days."
Rocco Lafronza, recruiting manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago
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"We use the nine-box grid style map. It's more visual, and it helps us focus on coaching and development."
Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer and Worldwide Director of Talent Development
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"We now have an improved ability to make informed choices about our talent strategies and investments."
Joshua Craver, Vice President of Talent Management, Western Union
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