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Strategic venture fund focused on investing in and collaborating with the next generation of cloud startups.

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Cornerstone seeks to partner with innovative entrepreneurs building the next generation of cloud-based technology startups that can extend Cornerstone's ecosystem and enable people to realize their potential.

Our Portfolio

What if you could learn anything in One Month? One Month provides lightweight, self-paced online courses you can finish in 30 days.

Rallyteam is a next generation platform that helps companies move faster, gain flexibility and be more innovative by helping them better utilize their most valuable assets—their people

Qualified is the developer-friendly way to assess coding skills. Identify talented developers through real code performance and automation to save time and improve consistency.

Workpop provides small and medium businesses with the candidates, data and tools to make the perfect hire every time while providing meaningful feedback to job seekers

Portfolium empowers students with lifelong opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while helping learning institutions and employers assess competencies and recruit talent

Comparably provides accurate and comprehensive compensation and culture data to understand employees’ true value and make work better.

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“We provide unparalleled strategic value to exciting cloud startups by offering direct access to our clients and our organization from top to bottom.”
- Adam Miller, President and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand

The Value Cornerstone Brings


As a global leader in talent management and cloud-based software, Cornerstone is uniquely qualified to advise growing startups in key business areas, including technology, sales, customer support, and marketing.

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Cornerstone has over 42+ million users and 3,560+ clients in 192 different countries. The Cornerstone Edge platform allows startups to introduce and seamlessly integrate their offerings with one of the largest SaaS user bases in the world.


Innovation Fund companies have direct access to Cornerstone’s broad network of clients, partners, executives, and more. 


Cornerstone Accelerator

The Cornerstone Accelerator is a specialized program that provides a unique workspace and mentorship program to startups. Cornerstone is committed to the continued growth and development of the Los Angeles technology ecosystem, and the Accelerator program supports the brightest minds in town.

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