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Bookmarked: Get to Know Stacia Garr, Co-founder and Principal Analyst at RedThread Research

Stacia Garr

Co-Founder & Principal Analyst at Red Thread Research

Editor's Note: This post is part of our "Bookmarked" series, where we ask some of our favorite HR experts, analysts and business professionals to answer questions about their career, life and aspirations for the future. Be sure to bookmark it for next month!

Co-founder and Principal Analyst at RedThread Research, Stacia Garr isn't afraid to take a career leap of faith. Not only did she earn her stripes at Bersin & Associates when the company was brand new, she also made a bold move to start her own HR research firm, RedThread Research, with business associate Dani Johnson.

Still learning on the job every day, Garr's current focus area is diversity and inclusion technology. It's a relatively new market, but one that's growing quickly and Garr says she's excited to see where it's headed.

Read on to learn more about who inspired Garr's fearlessness when it comes to career growth, and what makes her laugh.

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