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A calligraphy class was Steve Jobs' muse; he sought to unite the elegance of ancient script with the functionality of a computer interface. When Ingvar Kampard had to remove a new table's legs to fit it into his car, the idea for Ikea was born. While life events like these are a wondrous source of idea ignition, sometimes we just want to relax. After a rigorous day juggling the responsibilities of business and adult life, sprawling out on the couch seems like the only viable option. We want to reunite with our favorite TV characters and embark on epic journeys. Fortunately, fictional stories are bursting with inspiration! After all, the creativity and dedication poured into these plots are truly phenomenal.

So listen closely as Don Draper weaves a sentimental pitch for his client, and heed Captain America's statement on what makes a team. With an open mind, any spark of thought can transform into a blaze of innovation.

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