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HR Labs Season 4: Let's rebuild work with Carly Cooper

Cornerstone Editors

HR Labs season 4 is here!

We’re excited to share this fun new season of the Cornerstone original podcast for HR Leaders. This season we’re focused on what it will take to rebuild work in a way that works for everyone.

Listen to episode 1 on Apple or Spotify (or anywhere fine podcasts are given away for free)

It’s no secret that the way we work has changed over the last few years, and people are thinking differently about what they want from their jobs.

In this season of HR Labs, host Summer Salomonsen talks with HR leaders and experts from organisations like McKinsey, Amazon and Deutsche Post DHL. Together with her guests, Summer will explore topics like learning, skills, career growth, AI, equity and more to understand how we can build a more connected workplace.

Episode 1: Let’s rebuild work

In our first episode, Carly Cooper, head of culture and transformation at Vianai Systems, joins Summer to talk all about the connection between HR and culture, the components that make up a solid organisational culture and how talent leaders can lead the way when it comes to rebuilding the way we work.

“For HR, your customer is your employee. What will set them up for success?" Cooper continues, "So what can the organisation do for every individual to reach their potential which ultimately helps the organisation reach its potential?”

Employees are demanding more from your organisation than fair wages, improved benefits plans and flexible work schedules. They’re seeking an opportunity to actually change their lives, develop new skills and careers, and find acceptance, purpose and belonging.

Listen on Apple or Spotify

Stay tuned for new episodes every week

Look for new episodes of HR Labs to release every Tuesday starting February 22, 2022. We have seven exciting episodes with dynamic guests offering practical advice and insights coming this season. Here’s a little preview of the episodes to come:

  • "Make learning foundational to growth with Lisa Christensen at McKinsey
  • "Turn skills into your new growth language"" with Meredith Wellard of DPDHL
  • "Changing from career paths into career possibilities" with Julie Winkle Giulioni, speaker/author
  • "Re-examining the role of managers in the age of AI" with Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research
  • "Putting equity into practice" with Jenn Hultman of Amazon
  • "Thinking big and bold about the future-ready workforce" with John Helmer, writer/consultant

Tune in to HR Labs today wherever you get your podcasts.

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