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Content Investment Trends: See how Cornerstone can drive skills transformation

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As organisations continue to transform to meet the tectonic shifts of the past two years, they are realising an urgent need to help their people develop new and different skills, improve their workforce readiness and create significant changes to how work gets done.

One of the key drivers in activating skill development and business transformation is the content that learners are consuming to develop new skills, adapt to new environments and to engage with organisational initiatives.

Watch this On-demand Webinar as Mark Lamswood and Yvonne Conway look at how organisations in Cornerstone's eco-system invest and consume content to drive impact in their people strategies.

You will learn:

  • How, where and why people are consuming content
  • How Cornerstone is responding to address the market’s biggest needs
  • What key investments are being made by organisations and aligned to what skills

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