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What it means to lead in our industry

Himanshu Palsule

CEO, Cornerstone

When you ask people at Cornerstone why they love working here, you inevitably hear three key themes emerge. Our people. Our industry. Our customers.

These themes transcend the values on our walls and corporate speak. They get us up in the morning and make us proud to be here. So much so that I was inspired to share some recent highlights demonstrating our dedication each and every day.

Our people

We work with interesting, passionate and super smart people — our Cornerstars. People with ideas and insights that get recognized in the industry because others can learn from them. People who strive to deliver exceptional talent experience solutions that meet our customers where they are now and where they want to go next. Cornerstars who care deeply about understanding customer needs and strive every day to embed customer centricity into our DNA.

At Cornerstone — whether you’re defining requirements, writing code, designing implementation plans, or delivering the backbone of how we market, sell and support our solutions — you’re using your own talents to create a better experience for our customers and their people at work every day. And it shows.

Our industry

Having been a part of Cornerstone and the talent and learning industry for the past year, unequivocally, there’s no place I’d rather be. As a vendor with a 20+ year heritage in this dynamic market, we get to see the impact of our innovation, our products and our services. Not just on a select group of users within a company but quite literally on the day-to-day work of every single employee in the organization. We make a difference in how they learn and develop their skills, how they engage at work, how they perform and how they grow their careers.

The result of this work gets recognized by industry analysts and third-party sites that take the pulse of talent leaders to find out what solutions are meeting their needs.

Of course, we’re proud to be consistently recognized for our leadership — you’ve probably seen that pride in recent Cornerstone posts and news showcasing this.

While we’ve worked hard to earn this recognition, if you know Cornerstone, you know we don't take it for granted. It keeps us striving to do more, innovate faster and deliver an unmatched experience for our customers. This leads me to the most important reason of all. 

Our customers

We work with some of the most innovative and fantastic talent leaders and organizations on the planet! After speaking with so many of them over the past 14 months, I recognize that every organization is on its own journey in connecting talent strategy and programs to business impact, and talent leaders hold the golden thread.

But no matter where they are on this journey with us, our customers' passion for how they can use Cornerstone to help drive transformative change and value within their companies is unmistakable. They are the reason we’re here, why we continue to lead and strive for an unmatched talent experience for people at work.

Get in touch with one of our experts to explore how we can tailor our solutions to your organization's needs.

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