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Driving more value for customers: Cornerstone March 2024 product release

Karthik Suri

Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone

At Cornerstone, we’re driven by a relentless commitment to empower people to be their most extraordinary. Although we’re a leader in learning and talent management, our reach extends beyond just learning and talent leaders. We serve stakeholders from every area of the business — from information technology and quality and regulatory affairs to business process owners and all the people who make up an organization.

Millions of people use our products every day — in fact, every 3 seconds someone is engaging with a Cornerstone product. It’s both an honor and a significant responsibility that we don’t take lightly. And this is why we’re always listening to feedback, prioritizing what matters most to our customers, and looking for ways to deliver even more value to those who use our products. That’s why we’re so focused on enhancing usability and capability to ensure a seamless experience for administrators and users alike.

A leap forward in usability and capability

Our Talent Experience Platform delivers value to you by simultaneously addressing employee wants with organizational needs. Where the growth goals of the individual map to the outcomes for the organization connected though the common language of “skills.”

Along these lines, in our March release, we focused on driving ease of use, efficiency and accuracy for our talent leaders and administrators, as well as enriching experiences for your people. The enhanced skills profile provides your people with a comprehensive view of skill requirements and their development progress. Users can focus on development activities that are most important to them. Curricula enhancements such as enhanced search, session completions credited toward curricula, and the ability to revert ILT sessions inside curricula are just some of the key improvements for administrators. 

Here’s a preview of key highlights from our March release:

  • Observation checklists on mobile, enabling observed competence anytime, anywhere — at a desk or without one! 
  • Required training tagging for improved tracking and visibility for your administrators and more transparency for end users
  • Non-manager assigned training, reducing the administrative burden in matrixed organizations
  • New security permissions for designated administrators to bypass the required group preview
  • Shopping cart beta enhancements to allow learners to effortlessly add, modify or remove items from their cart — complete with a redesigned, intuitive experience for your extended enterprise learners
  • Manage candidates' usability updates, such as name sorting and improved viewing of disposition reasons, to help recruiters identify candidates and required actions faster
  • Skills carousels for end users to view recommended learning by skills
  • Goal alignment enhancements to ensure all employees are working toward a common goal are now available on the mobile app

Embracing the journey ahead

Cornerstone is committed to ensuring your and your people’s experience using Cornerstone is nothing less than stellar. Adopting principles of human-centered design, we’re driving improvements for you in usability, productivity and error-proofing, while also creating innovative experiences to delight your people.

Our continued goal is to give users and leaders an intuitive, accessible platform that minimizes friction, all while providing solutions that support organizations in achieving their business objectives. You’ll continue to see enhancements from us in these areas in our July and November releases this year and beyond, including:

  • New goals workspace experience embedded with GenAI to help create and write new goals
  • New check-in conversations for mobile
  • New content manager — a single place for learning admins to view, manage and create new learning
  • New redesigned workspace user record management for more flexibility

Each enhancement and innovation brings us closer to our vision of a holistic, integrated continuum of learning and talent management solutions. Together, we'll continue to inspire, empower and delight as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent management.

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