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Introducing Cornerstone Reviews, Growth Edition: simple reviews in minutes

Chad Savoy

VP of Sales, Datadog

For growing businesses with little time and fewer resources, completing performance reviews can be a struggle. That's why we designed Cornerstone Reviews, Growth Edition - cloud-based performance review software for small and growing businesses. In a nutshell, it's a simple, engaging way for employees, managers and HR to continuously benchmark performance. And because it's designed to reviews as easy as possible, training and maintenance requirements are negligible.

What's in it for employees?

We give everyone the tools to create detailed self-assessments that track accomplishments and progress throughout the year. Individual ratings can be quickly compared to manager reviews, resulting in productive conversations where employees can discuss goals and achievements - and take charge of their own development.

What do managers get out of it?

Because everything's automated, managers can focus on employee development instead of chasing paperwork. You can review all your direct reports' performance and competencies in one place, gain further insight with self-assessments and 360 reviews, monitor completion and send reminders – all online, and all with the same simple interface. You also get handy tools to help you understand your team's performance and progress, along with practical tips for further developing their skills.

How does it help HR?

Because you have a complete digital paper trail, you can ensure compliance and limit potential liability. And because the entire review workflow is automated you minimize administrative tasks, freeing up your HR staff for more important things. No HR Department? No problem. Anyone in your business can act as your review administrator; with our Review Adoption Kit you can get set up and start reviewing in minutes.

How does Cornerstone Reviews differ from Cornerstone Performance, Growth Edition?

Cornerstone Reviews is the ideal solution for businesses that aren't already reviewing performance or are inundated with review paperwork, and want to fix that fast. You get team reviews, self-assessments and 360° peer reviews, as well as the tools to schedule reviews and track completion. So basically, everything you need to start reviewing performance NOW. Give Cornerstone Reviews a try now and review 10 employees free in your first year!

Cornerstone Performance, Growth Edition is also designed for growing businesses, and along with reviews gives you powerful reporting and analytics tools. If you're already reviewing performance and want to do more with the data you're collecting, Cornerstone Performance is the right move for you. Learn more about Cornerstone Performance Growth Edition.

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Un altro trimestre di successi per Cornerstone

Un altro trimestre di successi per Cornerstone

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