How NATS uses Cornerstone to improve employee capabilities and help achieve its 2030 vision

NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, has seen a significant improvement in employee productivity, engagement and overall capabilities since it transformed its learning culture with Cornerstone. As technology, traffic, competition, politics and society change, NATS has evolved to ensure it is fulfilling its purpose of advancing aviation, keeping the skies safe now and in the future. Destination 2030 describes the type of company NATS want to be and how it will meet the expectations of its customers, regulator, shareholders, employees and wider society. Helen Fuge, Head of Learning and Early Careers, explains how NATS is supporting its employees to develop the right skills, so they can continue to fulfil their purpose, both now and in the future.

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2023 Talent Health Index


2023 Talent Health Index

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