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Talent Management and L&D – Challenges, Trends and Predictions

Reflecting on 2022 and looking forward to 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, we are taking a moment to look back on some of the key trends and topics that were brought into focus this year, as well as what we see coming down the tracks for 2023.

Join Marc Ramos, CLO, Cornerstone and Donald Taylor, Learning Technologies Thought Leader on 7th December 2022 at 2pm GMT for a conversation on current and future trends impacting the L&D and Talent profession.

From the post-COVID, hybrid workscape to the skillpocalypse and content overload, 2022 has brought with it no end of challenges for Talent Managers around the world. But how is 2023 shaping up? Will this be the year that skills intelligence becomes more intuitive? Will we change the way we look at job roles versus skills for the job, versus competencies needed to get the job done? And is there really a skills shortage, or should we be reframing the way we look at access to talent?

Register to listen to these two L&D veterans debate all this and more!

What you will learn on this webinar:

  • The shifts that took place in the world of Talent Management in 2022
  • How two L&D and Talent professionals see 2023 developing – the trends, the topics and the technology
  • What all this means for you, your organisation and the market

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