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Going from Good to Great with Skills

How Career Mobility Can Transform Employee Growth to Deliver Company Success

About the Webinar

With most industries facing strong economic headwinds and challenging market conditions – business leaders are continuing to look to leverage the power of learning to maintain market growth in the middle of a perfect storm.

Having already taken the key first step to embed Skills at the heart of their learning strategy, three key questions are now being asked.

How do we:

  • Further leverage our existing investment in Skills to continue to deliver business growth?
  • Meet our employees’ new expectations of work and ultimately keep talent fully engaged in our business journey?
  • Take our next step towards building the Sustainable Learning Organisation (SLO) that will spark the innovation to power future success?

Join Dominic Holmes, Principal Consultant with Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Advisory Services (TLAS) practice and Annemarie Malchow-Knudsen, Partner from Implement Consulting Group who will be sharing market insights into how high-performance organisations are shaping learning-powered talent strategies to tackle these three key questions head-on.

Find out about what the latest market research and customer implementations are telling us about what makes the difference when it comes to ensuring these talent strategies deliver visible success and real business value.

Take the opportunity to ask our presenters the questions you want answering to help your business take the next right step with Skills and Talent Mobility.

About the Speakers

Annemarie Malchow-Knudsen, Partner from Implement Consulting Group

Annemarie is partner in Implement Consulting Group within People Development and People Technology. She specialises in generating real value from People Technology implementations, including ensuring business focus and purpose, and utilising existing and new data to underpin and assess HR interventions.

Dominic Holmes, Principal Consultant with Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Advisory Services (TLAS) practice

Dominic is a principal consultant with Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Advisory Services practice. He works with prospects and clients across the EMEA region to help them maximise the business value they get from their spend on talent management software and learning content. He is a highly experienced strategy consultant and business value practitioner with over 20 years of documented success shaping change and accelerating transformation across a broad spread of industries and clients, from entrepreneurial start-ups and scale-ups, to market leading multi-nationals. He specialises in building collaborative business cases, based around a shared vision of the future, that help executive sponsors to take the whole organisation with them on the change journey.

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