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People experience and learning culture peer session with PwC and PPHE Hotel Group

Join Jorn Heikens, HR Technology Advisor, PPHE Hotel Group and David Buglass, PwC as they discuss the ups and downs of building and adapting their learning experiences for the new ways of working and learning.

Listen in as these two HR Leaders talk about how learning at their organisations has changed in recent years, how their colleagues responded to the change, as well as what they are most proud about the learning experiences they deliver now.

Jorn discusses the complications of training an organisation which includes frontline workers and office-based employees spread across Europe and working round the clock, and Dave discusses the challenges of creating a single learning experience that covers 396,000 members of staff across 138 countries.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What talent projects PwC and PPHE Hotel Group are excited about right now
  • Some of the recent L&D success at these two organisations
  • How large, multi-country organisations navigate failure or unintended negative outcomes
  • Talent development challenges faced when upskilling across countries, continents and changing working patterns

Watch the webinar on-demand now


Jorn Heikens

HR Technology Advisor,PPHE Hotel Group

David Buglass

Director, Global Learning Services, PwC

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Municipalità di Kobe: contenuti diversificati per la formazione spontanea dei dipendenti

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