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The best Cornerstone skills insights of 2023

Cornerstone Editors

As the year comes to a close, Cornerstone is reflecting on some of the most impactful topics we’ve covered in 2023 shaping the future of the workforce. In this curated collection, explore recent blogs featuring cutting-edge concepts and technologies transforming the landscape of skills development. Join us on a journey through skills ontology, talent development, AI-powered intelligence, HR functions and the profound need for accessible learning opportunities for everyone.

1) Skills ontology 101

Skills ontologies go beyond simple skills databases and taxonomies, offering interconnected skills with relationships to job roles and entities, enabling a fluid understanding of skill connections across diverse domains. AI-powered software streamlines the process, automatically identifying, categorizing and assessing workforce skills, addressing the increasing challenge for organizations to find employees with the right skills.

Learn more about how this transformative technology empowers organizations to benchmark and assess skills, close skill gaps, foster development and growth and strategically deploy skills, ultimately enhancing talent attraction, retention and mobility for business innovation and growth. Read now.

2) Skills transformation for the now and where you’re heading

High-performing organizations are addressing the persistent skills shortage by prioritizing talent development, with 48% of employers highlighting skills and talent shortages as their most pressing concern for the next three years, according to the Cornerstone Global Skills Report. In contrast, less successful organizations are three times more likely to stall investments in skills development. Cornerstone specializes in creating personalized and connected learning experiences using AI-recommended skills, helping organizations avoid talent challenges.

Learn more about organizations like Deutsche Post DHL and Alstom, and leverage Cornerstone's skills transformation technology to motivate employees to control their growth paths and foster a future-ready environment. Read now.

3) How to use AI for skills intelligence

AI and skills intelligence are transforming talent management, offering HR professionals powerful tools to revolutionize how they identify, build and measure organizational skills. AI streamlines recruitment processes, helping identify ideal candidates based on specific skills, experience and cultural fit. It empowers employees with personalized career development opportunities, enables effective performance management, facilitates strategic workforce planning and automates routine HR tasks, allowing professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

Learn more about how HR professionals can drive skills growth through AI innovation and unleash the untapped potential of their workforce, leading to unprecedented prosperity for individuals and organizations. Read now.

4) Anticipating skills requirements is a core HR function

Human resources plays a crucial role in managing skills within an organization, with the primary focus being on ensuring the company has the necessary knowledge and expertise for current and future success. But in the modern knowledge economy, HR faces challenges in maintaining a constant overview of skills assets, anticipating future skill requirements and tracking individual progress for talent retention and engagement. To address these challenges, HR professionals need dedicated digital solutions like Cornerstone's skills graph, which enables the visualization, analysis and planning of available skills.

Learn more about how these tools empower HR to effectively map, anticipate and follow the progress of skills pathways through digitalization and artificial intelligence. Read now.

5) It’s time to level the playing field

Despite the growing emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), many organizations still limit learning and development opportunities to salaried or high-potential employees, neglecting hourly workers. A McKinsey study found that less than 30% of hourly workers, representing over 76 million Americans, could access learning resources, impacting women and people of color the most.

Examine how organizations need to democratize learning by providing equal access to skill development opportunities, encouraging self-assessments, exploring various career paths and implementing shift-based training for deskless workers to foster growth opportunities for all employees. Read now.

Limitless learning

Cornerstone remains committed to empowering individuals and organizations by charting a course toward a future where every employee's growth is nurtured and learning opportunities are limitless. Together in 2024, let's continue to shape a world where skills know no bounds, and each step forward is a stride toward a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more of 2023’s best curated content. We’ll spotlight some of our best blogs on artificial intelligence soon and discover groundbreaking innovations revolutionizing the world of work.

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