Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Announces 2015 Impact Grant Recipients

June 16, 2015

Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Announces 2015 Impact Grant Recipients

Four nonprofits each to receive Cornerstone OnDemand’s software and services valued at $1 million to scale programs and deliver sustainable impact

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 16, 2015 – The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed by cloud-based talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD), today announced the recipients of its 2015 Impact Grants.

Launched in 2012, the Foundation’s Impact Grant program was created to help a select number of nonprofits reach even more people in need. Selected nonprofits receive a two-year donation of Cornerstone OnDemand’s learning and development software and services and a range of pro bono learning and HR consulting services offered by the Foundation, valued at an estimated $1 million. The grant serves as a catalyst for growth of existing community education programs, enabling each of these nonprofits to leverage online learning technology to broaden their reach and increase the number of people and communities served.

The 2015 Impact Grantees include:

  • Corporation for Supportive Housing. Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) is the leading catalyst for supportive housing, which combines affordable housing with social services, helping vulnerable people live housed and healthy lives. CSH provides intensive one-on-one training and assistance to communities and supportive housing creators across the country. It intends to leverage Cornerstone to expand its Supportive Housing Training Center to double the number of people accessing its training by 2017 and increase the supply of supportive housing.

  • ProLiteracy. ProLiteracy develops educational programs that help adults acquire the literacy practices and skills they need to function more effectively in their daily lives. Since 2011, ProLiteracy has provided free online instructional resources to teachers, staff, volunteers and adult learners. In the last year, ProLiteracy engaged 25,000 adults through its online training platform. With the Cornerstone Impact Grant, ProLiteracy plans to double the number of learners in 2016 and deliver its adult literacy programs to over 150,000 adults by 2017.

  • Upwardly Global. Upwardly Global works to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate this population in the professional U.S. workforce. Upwardly Global provides comprehensive job search support and training to enable unemployed or under-employed skilled immigrants to move back into professional jobs in the U.S. workforce. Since 2011, Upwardly Global has trained 3,150 skilled immigrants. With the Impact Grant, Upwardly Global intends to scale its training program five times over and train more than 16,700 individuals by 2020.

  • YSA (Youth Service America). With half of the worlds’ population under age 25, YSA’s mission is to help young people find their voice, take action and make an impact on vital community issues. The Impact Grant will enhance YSA’s capacity to train youth leaders, educators, and nonprofit staff, with a goal to double the number of people served by 2016 and ultimately engage more than 90,000 people through its training program.

Previous recipients of the Impact Grant include AdvanceNet Labs, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), Darkness to Light, and The Ounce of Prevention Fund.

Comments on the News

  • “We were so impressed by the caliber of nonprofits that applied for this year’s Impact Grant,” said Julie Brandt, executive director, Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation. “These four organizations stood out not only based on the quality of their programs, but also because they share our commitment to leveraging technology to help more people realize their potential.”

  • “Cornerstone’s Impact Grant will allow us to extend our reach in ways we never thought possible, expanding our current boundaries,” said Deborah De Santis, president and CEO of Corporation for Supportive Housing. “We cannot have a physical presence in every community all of the time and so the tools Cornerstone is providing will ensure our Training Center delivers our expertise as effectively as if we were meeting face-to-face, and that means more supportive housing for the people who need it.”

  • “ProLiteracy believes that every adult has a right to literacy,” said Kevin Morgan, president and CEO, ProLiteracy. “To meet our ambitious goals, we need to have a robust, user-friendly, social and seamless online learning experience. Cornerstone’s software and Impact Grant will enable us to fulfill all of these requirements and more.”

  • “Our strategic plan calls for us to dramatically increase the number of skilled new Americans we train and place into professional jobs,” said Tadd Wamester, director, online and regional growth, Upwardly Global. “In order to achieve this, we need to develop an updated online training portal that is more adaptive, user-friendly, and scalable. The Impact Grant is essential for us to have the technology in place to ensure our future growth.”

  • “By 2020, YSA wants to be viewed as the go-to resource center for youth service in 150 countries,” said Steve Culbertson, president and CEO, Youth Service America. “The Impact Grant will take our training program to the next level and help us track the reach and impact of the training and tools we provide in multiple languages around the world.”

Additional Resources

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