EdCast Announces SkillsDNA, the AI-powered Operating System for the Skills Economy

July 16, 2021

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Facing a Surging Need for Enhanced Skilling Solutions, EdCast Launches a Comprehensive Add-on to its Award-winning Talent/Learning Experience Platform to Improve the End-to-end Employee Experience (EX) Across the Enterprise

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – July 16, 2021 – Today, EdCast announced SkillsDNA™, its innovative addition to its award-winning learning and employee experience platform. In the critical war for talent, EdCast’s SkillsDNA provides businesses new ways to assess skills distributed across industries and organizations in evaluating capabilities at the individual, team and enterprise levels.

“SkillsTech has become one of the biggest markets in HR, enabling companies to build skills databases everywhere,” says Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. “SkillsDNA by EdCast is the first family of tools I've seen that can help companies design and manage these systems and build an integrated Skills System of Record.”

Facing a need to transition from rigid and generalized taxonomies that can easily become outdated, business leaders can now leverage EdCast’s AI-powered LXP with SkillsDNA to build a customized and highly-relevant skills architecture to help manage talent across the organization.

“Organizations face more and growing challenges today in assessing and deploying high-demand skills in a rapidly-changing business world,” says Bhaskar Deka, VP and Global Head of Products at EdCast. “Our customers have consistently asked for higher-quality granular data and improved processes to help drive their skills and talent development efforts and maximize competitiveness. With the launch of AI-powered SkillsDNA within EdCast’s learning and talent experience platform, we can now deliver to enterprises a customized, purpose-built and easy-to-use skills operating system to help them meet their talent needs.”

SkillsDNA provides the tools for a unified architecture that helps organizations normalize skills and connect them to relevant learning assets and surface them at the point of need. EdCast’s AI technology defines, finds, tracks and connects skills across multiple dimensions with learning objects within HRTech and learning ecosystems. This skilling synthesis with EdCast’s LXP and SkillsDNA results in a solution that enables talent and talent managers to navigate their target strategy and a myriad of preferred options for reskilling, upskilling and learning in the flow of work.

"Skills needs are changing to meet the times and the expectations of employers, and the solutions used to assess, organize and index skills have not kept pace,” says Craig Weiss, CEO and Lead Analyst, The Craig Weiss Group LLC. “What has been missing are the AI-powered and machine learning tools to make skills in an organization really relevant and usable. EdCast’s SkillsDNA is a new solution that helps fill this gap.”

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