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As part of its IT 2025 program, Crédit Agricole Group underwent a digital transformation, making IT an essential strategic partner for the everyday work of the business, and positioning IT at the heart of Crédit Agricole's new digital culture.

The “Skills” sub-program (one of the 10 sub-programs that make up IT 2025) aims to harness the best technological and digital expertise and skills in our teams to support the Group's transformation ambitions.

Digit Academy was set up to achieve this ambition, giving everyone control over their own development, learning pathway and network, leading to upskilling on a long-term basis.

The learning platform was launched last April. This IT and digital academy's goal is to be at the cutting edge of technological developments in terms of learning by having the best tech expertise with a desire to learn and gain skills in order to support the Group's overall aim for digital transformation.

By offering innovative content and meeting the highest technological standards, Digit Academy is an essential tool for sharing the Group's deeply ingrained culture of innovation, skill development and support for digital transformation.

The issue of learning as an engine for growth, as well as for agility, has become one of the major concerns for organisations. The creation of this academy intends to act as a global response to the challenges to competitiveness that large organisations are facing in a modern environment characterised by a shortage of a talent and the need to refresh skills, particularly in the IT professions. Thanks to Digit Academy, people have the necessary resources to learn through independent study and/or by interacting with experts, enabling them to gain new skills easily. The approach is intended to encourage proactive learning, allowing people to develop their skills independently by attending training sessions whenever and wherever suits them. There's also the opportunity for people to contribute to this great project by suggesting content for sharing their learnings with others.

Why Cornerstone?

Why Cornerstone?

This partnership began in 2022. Digit Academy is based on the intuitive EdCast training platform. Based on each person's profile, the platform is able to suggest/recommend independent learning programs combined with training content provided by the organisation. The challenge for this modeled, custom system was to offer a broad learning experience involving several bricks, including content relating to information, curation, networking and co-development. Additionally, to create an attractive, flexible experience to suit different working habits, the platform also includes the option to develop mobile learning.

A team with operational experts

Six themes were chosen for Digit Academy, corresponding to the six main initiatives in the IT 2025 strategy. These are AI data, Agility, Sustainable IT, Development, Cybersecurity and Architecture. These six themes represent the six communities and six channels of the academy. Within these six communities, each person can share, publish, and interact with the other members of their community or communities. At channel level, only expert users have permission to curate and publish content, and to create learning pathways.

A functional platform that's easy to roll out

For teams that want to constantly develop the platform, making it more user-friendly and pushing agile content, this platform is easy to manage. One theme is highlighted each month so that everyone sees it when they log in, showing that the platform is active.

Finally, to ensure complementarity and a consistent user experience, teams are working to integrate other platforms and solutions into Digit Academy.

Giving everyone what they need to grow

People like how easy it is to create, publish and share content using the EdCast platform. Thanks to its ability to work across devices, a wide range of content, such as podcasts, videos, and articles, can be brought together in one place.

To date, 1000 people have joined Digit Academy out of the Group's 11,000 programmers. The Academy aims to reach 3000 users by the end of the year through the integration of three new entities.

Beyond the obstacles to overcome in terms of adoption, the challenge is to instill a genuine Digit Academy “reflex,” encouraging everyone to sign in spontaneously, so they become the drivers of their own progress toward lifelong learning.

Other objectives include opening up to other content providers as well as internationalisation of the platform, particularly in terms of language. Some background work by EdCast is needed to support the Academy's multilingual offering, with the Group's British, Italian, and Portuguese branches keen to use the Academy and create their own content.

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Digit Academy: Learning als Innovations-Unterstützung


Digit Academy: Learning als Innovations-Unterstützung

Wie gelingt es einer führenden Universalbank in Frankreich, der Crédit Agricole Gruppe, in ihrer Belegschaft einen „Digit-Academy-Reflex“ auszulösen, der die Mitarbeitenden dazu bringt, zum begeisterten Treiber der eigenen Entwicklung in Richtung lebenslanges Lernen zu werden? Wie optimiert man damit gleichzeitig auch die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, schließt drohende Kompetenzlücken und bietet dem Fachkräftemangel die Stirn? Die Lösung klingt einfach – und sie war es auch: Man hat eine Vision! Man glaubt an die Kraft der eigenen Belegschaft und definiert den Weg. Und dann setzt man die Vision gemeinsam mit starken Partnern um. Der digitale Erfolgsweg der Crédit Agricole Gruppe begann mit der Erkenntnis, dass eine digitale Transformation überfällig war. Man wollte eine neue digitale Kultur entwickeln und die IT zum wesentlichen strategischen Partner des Unternehmens machen. Das Programm „IT 2025“ gab die Initialzündung zur digitalen Transformation der Crédit Agricole Gruppe.

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