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Andrea Sennett

Solutions Architect, Client Services EMEA

On demand learning and training increases engagement significantly because it enables employees to take control of their own learning and work at a pace that suits them. And in the EU, the hunger for this is growing. In fact, over the past year, we’ve seen the appetite for our Content Anytime offering increase almost 10 times over, showing that organisations are beginning to change how they help their employees learn.

To meet this demand, we’ve teamed up with a broad range of new partners across Europe to help deliver fresh and high-quality learning content to all of our users.

Here, we spotlight some of those best-in-class partners.

iAM Learning

Compiling animated bitesize learning, iAM Learning ensure its content gets to the point without sacrificing the key learning outcomes. The high-quality, video-based courses are broken down into manageable chunks that employees can take on their desktops or their smartphones, helping to make training more accessible and tailored to personal preferences.

iAM Learning brings a range of training from cybersecurity and compliance to behavioural change and mental health in a vibrant and playful manner that can be carried out through original character creation, motion storytelling and testing through quizzes and gamification.

Mind Channel

Offering bite-sized microlearning for the modern employee, Mind Channel produce short videos, offering quick wins to keep your teams engaged and always learning. The content is available in multiple languages, enabling employees to learn a skill in four minutes or less to prevent information overload. Learnings include a wide range of topics from career and personal development to mindfulness, diversity, and remote working top tips.

Mind Channel brings its large and ever-growing library of short learnings which are perfect for a coffee break learning session or to squeeze in during down time.

Thrive Learning

Aiming to build better learning experiences for your learners, Thrive Learning wants to ensure managers’ jobs are easier and learners have a more interesting and meaningful experience. They offer over 120 courses all under 10 minutes with an emphasis on practical advice and tips that learners can make use of straight away. This allows employees to learn more with minimal effort to keep them engaged and connected.

Thrive Learning offers modern, relevant, and personalised experiences to help make this type of training the norm for businesses, aiming to challenge dated learning cultures.


Offering global knowledge solutions for digital workforces, Intuition helps companies to develop skills that unlock true potential. With content that is customised for individual businesses and modern practical workshops, Intuition aims to help within a host of areas to ensure digital workforces are just as prepared as physical ones.

Intuition brings 35 years of experience in training programmes to help all aspects of business from risk and compliance to preparing for change and transformation helping to not only meet but exceed company goals.


Focusing on short 3 minute videos, MiCrow offers bitesize learning across IT, soft skills and corporate responsibility. The content available is relevant and current with complete flexibility, meaning organisations can purchase the specific training courses they need to make learning easier and more accessible for all.

MiCrow brings a host of training programmes from understanding Office 365 to mental health in the workplace balancing the need for personal skills with technological skills. MiCrow also offers over 500 quick win courses to help keep learners busy and engaged.

ThinkBiscuit Media

Offering bespoke e-learning, ThinkBiscuit media, a digital training agency, looks specifically at enhancing organisations’ digital skills. They help companies achieve their learning and development goals with fully responsive, engaging, and interactive digital training content.

ThinkBiscuit Media brings unique and specific courses on topics such as eLearning design, video production, graphic design, and animation.

We’ve teamed up with 11 more partners across Europe, bringing it to a total of 27, all offering their unique take on learning and providing plethora of resources, including training for communication and leadership skills, digital skills, compliance training and much more. With the growing thirst for organisations to modernise and prioritise learning and development of their people, we’ve compiled our library to help managers trying to alter their workplace cultures with complete flexibility.

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