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The story of the Chesterfield County Government in Virginia is a remarkable example of how a strategic partnership and innovative technology can transform organizational training and development. At the forefront of this transformation are two key figures: Tracy Connor, their LMS administrator, and Tammy Liles, their learning technology coordinator. Chesterfield County Government’s collaborative efforts have been instrumental in revolutionizing the learning environment for the county’s employees.

  • Main Challenge: The primary challenge faced by Chesterfield County Government was modernizing and enhancing their compliance training programs. They needed a solution that addressed the regulatory requirements and engaged and motivated their employees.

  • Solution: To tackle this challenge, they implemented Cornerstone LMS (Learning Management System), leveraging its robust features to develop streamlined and effective training.

  • Results: Chesterfield County Government saw a significant increase in their overall compliance rate, improved their upskilling initiatives and grew a more engaged workforce.

Crafting excellence in learning with leadership and innovation

As LMS administrator, Tracy Connor’s role involves managing learning assignments, uploading training content and constructing curriculums and certifications. She explains, “Mainly, my role is learning assignments, uploading training, checking content, building curriculums, building certifications, building out most of the system that we can.” Her comprehensive approach to learning management underscores the breadth of her responsibilities.

Tammy Liles, on the other hand, focuses more on the research aspect of Chesterfield County Government’s learning technologies. She plays a crucial role in exploring new methodologies and tailoring Cornerstone LMS to meet the specific needs of the government. Her work complements Tracy’s by focusing on the strategic expansion of the system. “I also do a lot of building out curriculums and certifications, but I’m more researching how to do things and how to build the system out to meet our needs in the government,” Liles shares.

This dynamic partnership between Connor and Liles has set the stage for a significant evolution in the county’s employee training and development approach, particularly in compliance training and skill enhancement.

Navigating the rapids: Chesterfield’s training challenge

Chesterfield County, a picturesque area just south of Richmond, Virginia, boasts a thriving community and a dedicated government workforce. However, this idyllic setting also presented unique challenges for Connor and Liles in terms of training and development. “Chesterfield is a hidden location... A great location to bring up children,” Connor mentions, highlighting the community aspect of their work.
The primary challenge for Connor and Liles was to enhance and centralize the training system for their 5,000 employees. As a government agency, they faced the constraints of a smaller budget, which limited their options regarding the tools and systems they could implement. “One of the biggest challenges is being a government agency. We have a smaller budget,” Connor acknowledges. This financial limitation meant they had to be more strategic and judicious in choosing a learning management system.

Chesterfield County Government needed a solution that would fit within their budget and be flexible enough to accommodate the diverse training needs of their workforce. These needs included a range of compliance training and programs focused on leadership and skill development. “We do a lot of compliance training through our department... a lot of our training that’s not compliance related is based on leadership and just trying to grow skills,” Liles adds, outlining the broad scope of their training initiatives.

Connor and Liles’ objective was clear: Find a robust, cost-effective LMS that could centralize their training efforts, cater to diverse learning requirements and ensure that the government’s workforce remained compliant and skilled.

Building bridges with a strategic alliance

The search for a suitable LMS led Connor and Liles to Cornerstone, a platform that promised to meet their stringent requirements. The decision to partner with Cornerstone was a pivotal moment for Chesterfield County. “The Cornerstone community has been a lifesaver for me,” Connor states, emphasizing the impact of this partnership.

Cornerstone LMS provided a comprehensive solution that was aligned with the county’s budget and training needs. It offered a platform for hosting compliance training and building curriculums and certifications that fit the county’s requirements. This adaptability was crucial for Chesterfield County, enabling them to develop a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Revolutionizing learning: Building a dynamic LMS ecosystem

The implementation of Cornerstone LMS marked the beginning of a significant transformation in the county’s approach to employee training. “We build playlists, build around competencies, and we build curriculums and suggested training on carousels,” Connor explains, detailing how they used the system to structure and deliver training content. This strategic use of Cornerstone LMS features allowed them to create a more dynamic and interactive learning experience for their employees.

Moreover, Cornerstone’s approach to customer support and engagement resonated with Connor and Liles. “I would describe Cornerstone as very supportive,” Connor comments, highlighting the level of assistance and guidance they received. This support was not just limited to technical aspects but also extended to understanding the county’s unique needs and helping them navigate the challenges of implementing a new system.

Charting new courses in training

The partnership between Chesterfield County Government and Cornerstone, along with the proper training and development, demonstrates the transformative power of technology. This collaboration has addressed the immediate training challenges and paved the way for a more engaged, compliant, and skilled workforce. “Cornerstone is a great partner to work with because they’re great at partnering with us to implement new functionality and features for our learners,” Connor concludes. The success of Chesterfield County and Cornerstone can hopefully be a blueprint for how other governments and organizations can effectively meet their training needs in an ever-changing world.

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