Sustainability in HR: The Evolution of Green HR Practices

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The role and responsibilities of the HR sector are constantly changing, and not just due to the inevitable digital transformation. In recent years, awareness of environmental issues has increased significantly, especially among younger generations who are no longer willing to compromise on their ideals and principles.

Therefore, HR management is increasingly focused on adopting green strategies and behaviours transforming values and practices to respect the planet and the workers’ well-being. A more eco-friendly and comfortable environment has a positive impact on the experience and physical and mental health of employees, who see their working conditions improved.

Companies are therefore called upon to review their consumption and promote green economy models that take into account their effects on the environment, the safety of their workers, any inequalities and the benefits derived from an improvement in resource utilisation. Protecting the environment while still promoting individual and collective progress requires a new approach.

When you devise and implement sustainability strategies within your organisation and base your HR processes on sustainability, people will know your organisation:

  • Aligns your sustainability objectives with the values and behaviours of your employees
  • Listens to opinions and proposals regarding environmental protection

Because people increasingly prefer companies in which environmentalism is translated into consistent behaviours, activities and initiatives, you’ll stand out in your industry as an organisation making the right changes to support a better future, far from the spectrum of mere greenwashing.

Creating a workplace culture that promotes sustainability and green learning

First and foremost, it’s necessary that leadership sets an example and demonstrates their willingness to create a workplace culture that is attentive to the demands and goals of sustainability. It is possible to activate targeted and personalised training programs to achieve this goal, such as those available through Cornerstone Content Anytime content library.

With over 200 titles from 20 global providers mapped to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, organisations can plan to upskill and reskill projects around environmental consciousness to educate workers at every level on sustainability issues that require attention and immediate action. This comprehensive approach will help create a workplace culture that promotes sustainability and green human resources.

It starts at the top: sustainable directors

Another initiative may involve introducing a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) into your organisation. You need to ensure this executive has real power to make changes that achieve your sustainability goals so they don’t merely serve as a window-dressing.

For example, establishing a direct line between your organisation’s leadership and CSOs not only authorises the latter to introduce tangible changes in the company's operating methods but also sends a clear signal to the rest of the organisation: sustainability is a central part of our business plan and not a secondary element.

Rethinking human resources from a greener perspective

When you bring a greener perspective to your HR, you add value compared to your competitors and increase the chances of being recognised by workers as an "employer of choice." In fact, you can incentivise employees to defend your organisation's reputation and share your culture and vision, becoming true brand ambassadors.

By paying attention to collaborators’ sensitivities and implementing green HR, you can increase motivation, engagement, and trust in your organisation because your people will feel like they’re part of an organisation that strives every day to protect health around the world.

Start your organisation's journey towards sustainability today by exploring the wide range of learning resources available through Content Anytime.

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Green HR: Der Einfluss von Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien auf Human Resources


Green HR: Der Einfluss von Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien auf Human Resources

Die Rolle und die Aufgaben des HR-Bereichs verändern sich ständig, und das nicht nur aufgrund der unvermeidlichen digitalen Transformation. In den letzten Jahren hat das Bewusstsein für Umweltfragen deutlich zugenommen, insbesondere bei den jüngeren Generationen. Sie sind nicht mehr bereit, Kompromisse bei ihren Idealen und Grundsätzen einzugehen.

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