Triumphantly united: Cornerstone joins forces with Paralympic luminary Melissa Stockwell

Himanshu Palsule

CEO, Cornerstone

Grit is, in my mind, the biggest factor in what makes someone successful. Do they show courage and resilience in the face of obstacles and challenges? Do they support their teammates as they work and grow? Grit is one of the top characteristics I look for in leaders I work with and people we partner with at Cornerstone.

So it is with immense joy that I get to announce our partnership with three-time Paralympic champion, former U.S. Army officer, and co-founder of the Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club, Melissa Stockwell. Not to mention, she’s a mother of two. I am in constant awe of those who push boundaries and redefine what's possible. And through our collaboration, we can ignite agility, build adaptability and inspire grit to power potential on and off the course.

The path to the Paris Paralympics

Melissa is an American hero and world-champion athlete who embodies adaptability and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 2004, during a deployment in Iraq, Melissa became the first American woman soldier to lose a limb in active combat when a roadside bomb struck her Humvee. Her bravery earned her a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Despite this adversity, Melissa remained unbroken.

Four years later, she made history, becoming the first Iraq War Veteran to qualify for the Paralympic Games. Melissa competed in three swimming events at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, where her teammates elected her to carry the flag for Team USA during the closing ceremony.

Melissa's grit and determination continued to inspire as she transitioned to the paratriathlon, earning a bronze medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games. She showcased her incredible talent again in Tokyo 2021 and will compete in her fourth Paralympics in Paris 2024 this summer.

Cornerstone is honored to stand beside Melissa as she inspires others to learn and grow through adversity. And we are thrilled to support her on her journey to a fourth Paralympic achievement.

Championing opportunities for all

Melissa's impact extends far beyond the athletic arena. In 2011, she co-founded the Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club, a non-profit dedicated to adaptive sports, fostering community and camaraderie among athletes of all abilities.

Through her work there, she has transformed lives and shattered stereotypes about living with a disability. Her advocacy for adaptive sports has opened doors for countless individuals, proving that anything is possible with the right support and mindset.

At Cornerstone, we share Melissa's passion for inclusivity and opportunity. Our partnership is not just about athletic achievement — it reflects a commitment we’ve made to creating a positive social impact for everyone, everywhere. We are committed to unlocking potential and fostering a world where all talents are recognized and valued through initiatives like the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, which provides free online training programs for non-profits and their people.

"I'm thrilled to partner with Cornerstone to bring a message of agility and adaptability to a global audience as I train for the 2024 Paralympics in Paris," Stockwell told us. "As a mom, veteran and athlete, I am committed to sharing and educating on the tools and resources needed to support people throughout their growth, no matter what direction their career or life takes. I look forward to working with Cornerstone to emphasize the importance of managing change and overcoming obstacles."

Racing to the top

At Cornerstone, we understand the power of the collective strength that arises when people work together toward a common goal. As athletes rely on a dedicated team to support them, we champion the idea that every person deserves the chance to unlock their full potential through lifelong learning.

Partnering with Melissa is a natural fit. Together, we aim to empower people of all abilities with the courage and confidence to pursue the extraordinary.

Join me in cheering on Melissa Stockwell as she continues to inspire the world at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Summer Games starting August 24. Her journey embodies the unyielding belief that anything is possible with grit, determination and the will to succeed.

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