Webhelp builds on Cornerstone TalentLink to implement comprehensive recruitment solution.

Making business more human – that’s Webhelp’s mission.

By committing to make business more human, Webhelp undertakes to increase customer satisfaction and to develop business solutions that add value to even the most successful companies in the world. As a strong partner to its customers, Webhelp offers a wide range of services from customer experience solutions through social media support to payment management. Hundreds of brands place their trust in Webhelp on account of its people, its corporate culture, its innovative capacity and its technologies. With Webhelp, they benefit from the commitment and experience of over 60,000 game changers in more than 140 locations in 35 countries. Webhelp is the European market leader in its industry and has its sights set on global leadership. For queries or more information, please contact Webhelp directly at +49 (0) 91193390 or kontakt@de.webhelp.com.

At a glance: The benefits of Cornerstone TalentLink for Webhelp

  • Personalised recruitment processes: Tailored workflows for applications
  • Talent at a glance: Extensive reporting options
  • All-important data protection: Definition of user rights

Focus on talent: Webhelp’s need for a comprehensive recruitment solution

Before Webhelp decided to go with Cornerstone TalentLink, the company relied on distributed recruitment solutions. After acquiring a Group company that was using a standalone tool, Webhelp deployed multiple recruitment tools in parallel. These offered very limited functionality, however. Anything that went beyond contacting applicants, assigning status and publishing offers or rejections was simply not possible with the old system. The tool did not allow Webhelp to define its own application workflows, assign specific user rights to HR managers or create comprehensive reports. The capabilities of the solution clearly fell short of Webhelp’s requirements.

HR management at Webhelp also knew that the only way to attract the best talent is to offer applicants an appealing recruitment process that is tailored to each candidate’s needs. This called for a tool that not only placed the talent centre stage, but also met the company’s wide-ranging requirements. During their search for an appropriate solution for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Webhelp learned about the positive results other regions had experienced with TalentLink. In the UK and South Africa, for example, Webhelp had already been using Cornerstone solutions with great success, contributing to both recruitment personalisation and workflow efficiency.


Webhelp has been using Cornerstone TalentLink in the German-speaking countries of Europe since August 2019. In order to implement the solution, the Webhelp project team established a roll-out roadmap together with Cornerstone. Firstly, the new and rich software functionality was presented to employees through workshops and internal training sessions. “Many of us were not initially aware of just how many options TalentLink offers. The workshops really helped us to get to know the extensive tools and familiarise ourselves with the new software. Cornerstone provided excellent support during this time,” affirms Lisa Trümper, Regional HR Manager Recruiting at Webhelp.

The new functions benefit both the applicants and the company. On the one hand, Cornerstone TalentLink allows Webhelp to make its offering more personalised. The company can now assign specific user rights to every recruiter, which means that employees are able to view the applicant information that is relevant to them in accordance with their role and responsibilities.

The high degree of personalisation that Cornerstone TalentLink offers extends to the many recruiting and onboarding workflows that can be defined. For example, HR managers can decide which steps should be included in an application process. This allows Webhelp to align the workflow with actual needs and ensure that talent is always selected in accordance with comparable standards. Companies can therefore tailor the recruitment structures to the applicants and adapt them if need be. “Before we could only click on offers or rejections – now TalentLink allows us to accompany the talent throughout the recruitment process. This allows us to engage with applicants and new employees on a personalised basis,” continues Trümper. Companies that want to specifically develop and motivate talent and build loyalty to the company over time must be able to respond to individual wishes and career path aspirations.

The comprehensive reporting functions are particularly valuable for Webhelp. They help the HR managers maintain an overview of the applications received and track the status of talent. This makes it easy for them to see which step of the recruitment process an applicant has reached at any given time. And since TalentLink provides feedback reminders, the solution ensures that no steps are missed and that contact with the talent is maintained. At the end of the day, all applicants will have been offered an optimum candidate experience.


Once the Webhelp HR managers had become familiar with Cornerstone TalentLink, they were delighted with the range of functions and options enabled by the new solution. The comprehensive reporting tools make it much easier to track many different applicants and their current status. By defining their own application workflows, recruiters can offer their talent an application process that is tailored to their needs and clearly differentiates Webhelp from the competition. As a result, applicants can look forward to a positive candidate experience from the get-go and managers find it easier to source the best talent and build long-term loyalty to the company.

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