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Building Skills for Growth – Purpose built talent management for your SMB Business

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Join our SMB Team for a focussed look at the developments and trends happening in talent management for businesses with less than 1,000 employees.

During the session we will look at how talent management evolves in small to medium businesses, offer insights from our own database of over 75 million users, and give you simple steps to take away which will help you design and build the right talent management programme for your growing business.

Hear from Alexandra Wilson, talent management advisory expert, about what Cornerstone is seeing in this market space. Alexandra will give real-life examples of the struggles and triumphs experienced by small to medium businesses across the UK and Ireland today.

Drawing on his 20 years as a digital transformation consultant, Dominic Holmes will do a deep dive on the importance of designing the right talent management approach for growing businesses, to ensure talent attraction and retention. He will also discuss ways in which your business can accelerate its growth with the right skills development programme for every employee.

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