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Content Investment Trends: What Content are Learners Consuming?

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How are organisations consuming content to drive impact and how has that changed over the past three years?

Here at Cornerstone, we have over 100million learners engaging with learning content from all over the world. With this amount of information, we can analyse what content is trending by region, how it compares to previous time periods and what that means for learning content needs.

Join us as we analyse how content consumption has changed over the past three years – topics, modalities, and more – as we have move in and out of COVID lockdowns. EMEA Content Director, Mark Lamswood will do a content deep dive looking at how over this time period, organisations realised an urgent need to help their people develop new and different skills, improve their workforce readiness and create significant changes to how work gets done.

One of the key drivers in activating skill development and business transformation is the content that learners are consuming to develop new skills, adapt to new environments and to engage with organisational initiatives.

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Cómo una empresa de inversión global transformó la formación de sus empleados

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