Sample performance review comments: Building team environment

Competency, rating and performance resources for managers

Any manager will tell you how challenging it is to write consistent and richly detailed employee reviews. It's important to get the wording and review phrases just right, while providing concrete examples in the performance appraisal comments. It can take up a lot of a manager's time.

A strong competency and rating framework easily enables managers and employees to communicate about the employee's current performance, and what steps they need to take to improve.

Your building blocks for the most effective performance review yet

Cornerstone’s performance management solution makes it easy to manage and communicate employee aptitudes by providing managers with a library of competencies – complete with detailed descriptions of the various levels of proficiency and specific sample comments that help describe and guide performance. Both give you sample employee review comments that you can use as "building blocks" for the written feedback you provide to your employees in their performance appraisal. You can then easily modify or adjust the sample comments to be even more specific to the employee, role or skill itself.

Nurture a culture of performance by aligning key competencies to organizational goals. Then engage your people in the performance review process so they can develop the skills that will help them – and the business – get from where they are to where they need to be.

Download your sample performance review comments to get started!

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Optimice la experiencia de sus empleados

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